Student Activities and Support

1. Student clubs

The University of Economics and Business Administration currently organiizes more than a dozen student clubs and teams working in academic fields or interests such as sports, culture, business, start-up, volunteering, recreation and social interests.

Sponsored by the Students’ Union, but run by students themselves, student clubs provide various opportunities to expand relationships, build strong networks, develop a range of skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, coaching, and professional development.

If you are not a member of the existing clubs, you can contribute to the community and develop your career skills by creating your own teams, groups, clubs or participating in leadership experience and volunteering activities our students.

 2. International student support

The university wants to make sure our international students get the most out of their time in Vietnam. At TUEBA, we encourage international students to get involved in our pro-active student life. TUEBA arranges support services for international students prior to departure, upon arrival to Vietnam, during your study, and on completion.

There are fantastic opportunities and activities for international students to make friends with other students from all over the world gathering at TUEBA, support services and dedicated buddies who will stay by your side through thick and thin during your time in Vietnam.

International students can contact these following hotlines and email to get support. We are committed to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (one working day).

TUEBA international student support hotline: +84  2083 647 683

SOS hotline (medical emergency): +84  2083 647 683


Facebook: TUEBA International Students

 2.1. Accommodation for international students

The standard of accommodation in Thai Nguyen City is moderate with a wide range of guesthouses, houses and apartments catering to all budgets, depending on location, lifestyle and individual circumstances.

The Center for Student Consultancy and Support is a good source of reference and support for all new international students.

On campus accommodation is highly recommended for international students and only within 5 minutes to classrooms and other facilities on the campus.

Due to the limited availability, international students are encouraged to submit the application for on campus accommodation together with submission of the Offer Acceptance to study at TUEBA.

2.2. Airport or international gate pick-up service

TUEBA provides a free airport pick-up service for all new international students.

If you’re a new international student, complete the registration for free airport or international gate pick up form to let us know when you will arrive in Thai Nguyen. International Student Support Staff will then:

  • confirm your pre-arranged accommodation with the accommodation service
  • arrange buddies to meet you at the airport or international gate when you arrive
  • give you a welcome pack
  • take you to your accommodation in Thai Nguyen City

You need to complete this form at least five working days before you arrive in Thai Nguyen City. If there are changes to your arrival time within this three day period, resubmit the form, or email us at

2.3. Events and activities for international students

TUEBA regularly organizes diverse and enriching activities for international students throughout each semester to highlight the diversity and dynamic nature of the student community. International students will get a chance to introduce their national costume at their National Day, share stories of their hometown at networking events, or compare their local cuisine in cultural events.

Introducing international students to the wider community in Vietnam is also an important focus at TUEBA with networking events. Studying at TUEBA, international students will also have opportunities to contribute to underprivileged communities with charity trips and fundraising activities.

2.4. Bank Accounts

Each international student shall need to set up a local bank account as soon as possible. A number of international banks have operation in Vietnam such as HSBC, ANZ, and Standard Chartered.

International students can withdraw USD and VND over the counter at banks. VND can also be withdrawn from ATM machines around the town, however, you cannot withdraw USD from ATMs. It is quite common to make payments using VISA debit or credit cards at supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, etc., but cash remains the most common form of payment for goods and services.

It is possible to make international transactions from a local bank account to your account in your home country. Your local bank can provide information on this, including advice on online banking services.

2.5. Transportation

ost Vietnamese people get around on a motorcycle/scooter. A lot of expats in Vietnam choose to get their own bikes. If you choose to do so, you will need to have a helmet and a licence – we can advise on how to go about doing this.

If riding through traffic is not your thing, you may choose to take a taxi or use the cheap local motorbike taxi service (xe ôm). Bus service is also available in Thai Nguyen City.

If you have a driving license from your home country and wish to drive around Thai Nguyen yourself, you can refer to the driving licence exchange procedure on how to exchange your driving license to be used in Vietnam.

2.6. Pre-arrival information for international students

Essential items for travel to Vietnam

It is advisable to have the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Carry-on luggage
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Offer and Offer acceptance form
  • Personal details and Vietnam contact address
  • Key contact name/ phone numbers, address of the hotel in Vietnam, details of the person you will meet on arrival (if any)
  • Vietnamese dong (or you can exchange money at the airport)
  • Driving license (or another identification document).
  • All personal valuables: laptop, camera, phone chargers, etc.


  • Do not put your valuables in the check-in luggage
  • Have photocopies of all your key travel documents in your main luggage.

Checked-in luggage

  • Photocopy of key travel documents
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • All other personal items including any essential electrical goods.

2.7. Insurance for International Students

Appropriate level insurance coverage is essential for your time in Vietnam. While you are studying at TUEBA, medical insurance is compulsory for international students with study visas to ensure you health, safety and well-being during your study.

Suitable medical insurance will be arranged by TUEBA on behalf of the student. The insurance fee (approx. VND xxxxxxxx per semester) will be included in the tuition fee invoice of the semester.

* Note:

Only international students who hold (or have a spouse or parent who hold) a Vietnam work permit, or residency permit, or one of the following visa type: NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, LV1, LV2, ĐT, DN, NN1, NN2, NN3, PV1, PV2 TT LĐ can arrange insurance on their own.

Should you choose to arrange their own medical insurance, you need to submit:

(1) evidence of insurance and;

(2) Insurance waiver form.

to at least 10 days before the semester start.

In case you miss the deadline, you have to bear the insurance fee arranged by TUEBA together with your tuition fee invoice.

The semester start time will be informed to the students at least 30 days in advance.

International students can also contact international insurance support services through its 24 hours hotline at +84xxxxxxxxxx