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Tuition Fee

 17/05/2021  33849

1. Tuition fee for Vietnamese courses: 13.500.000 VND/person / year

- Initial support facilities for international students: One-time facilities fee for an international student to use for the whole course (if facilities are lost or damaged, they will not be provided again), including: facilities for 01 room in the dormitory (heater, electric fan, electric light, bunk bed, plastic basin, cabinet); Personal equipment (blanket, curtain, pillow);

- Cost of electricity and water: each student can use free 4 KW/month, 4 m3 of water/month. If the real using amount of electricity and water exceeds the above limit, the international student has to pay by her/himself;

- Dormitory fee;

- Insurance fee for international student in Vietnam.

2. Tuition fee for English courses: For international students want to apply high quality program but do not satisfy the English condition, they have to study English course for 1 year with the tuition fee is 30.000.000 VND /year.

3. Tuition fee for main training program



Tuition fee (VND) / month


Bachelor Degree



High-quality bachelor Degree

4.293.750 VND


Inter – college Degree



Master's Degree



Doctorate Degree

4. 900. 000VNĐ

4. Other fees:

International students have to pay all costs of dormitory, electricity, water, food, insurance, visas, travel (refer to Appendix 2 attached).

5. Scholarship policy:

The university may provide scholarships to international student depending on the results of admission. There are 3 types of scholarship:

- Type 1: 100% tuition waiver                                                            

- Type 2: 40 – 50% tuition waiver                                                            

- Type 3: Free dormitory fee for the first year.