Trường ĐH Kinh tế và Quản trị Kinh Doanh - ĐH Thái Nguyên


 28/05/2021  13657

In May 2021, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration and Hanoi University (HANU) officially signed an agreement to promote international cooperation. This is an important milestone marking the development of the cooperation relationship between the two sides. Two universities will cooperate in many fields including:

- Cooperation in training, student exchange, credit recognition, fostering to improve professional qualifications for lecturers, managers and learners; 

- Cooperation in scientific research;

- Cooperate in sharing experience in administration, brand management, propaganda, introduction training programs;

 - Cooperate to introduce foreign partners to promote teaching and scientific research activities;

- Cooperate and participate in international projects and programs;

- Cooperate to perform social service works;

The MOU between 2 universities

Hanoi University is an university which is  prestigious in training and scientific research and especially has strengths in the field of international cooperation. The Center for Italian Language, Culture and Development plays an important role in the international cooperation activities of Hanoi University. It  is the center for developing cooperative relationships between HANU and international partners in Italy and other countries such as Germany and Spain. By its relationship, the center has helped connect many Vietnamese universities with foreign partners. The Center for Italian Language and Culture and Development has supported Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration to successfully apply in two international projects: "Labour market Observatory in Vietnam universities" - LABMOVIE" and the project " Monitoring Trends in Vietnamese graduates’ Employment  - MOTIVE". They are funded by the Eramus+ program of the European Union. They are two large-scale international projects with the participation of many universities and international institutions. In which, LABMOVIE has the participation of 32 universities, including 6 universities in Vietnam and the MOTIVE project is implemented by ALMALAUREA (Italy), the Ministry of Education and Training, the Association Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprise Association and 9 universities of Vietnam. Especially, MOTIVE project has been voted by the International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Entreps – United Nations Partner – as one of the 300 best projects in the world for sustainability and innovation. In addition, thanks for the center, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration wrote a proposal to apply for KA1 funding packages for  staff mobility from the Eramus + program of the European Union and develop a cooperative relationship with the University of Palermo ( Italy). Besides, many visits and working sessions between the two sides were also organized. In 2021, staffs from the Center for Italian Language, Culture and Development came to the Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration to introduce students of advanced programs study opportunities and works in Italy.


Ms. Dang Thi Phuong Thao - Center Director - National Coordinator of Erasmus+  shared some experiences about studying abroad in Italy for students of TUEBA.

 It clear that the relationship between the two sides has always been maintained and strengthened through many meaningful cooperation activities. Therefore, to expand the cooperation relationship in more fields is the reason why the two universities signed the cooperation agreement. Hopefully, the fields of cooperation between the two sides will continue to expand and develop in the future.