The University of Economics and Business Administration – Thai Nguyen University (TUEBA) believes that international cooperation is an urgent requirement and a tool to support training and scientific research.

For the past few years, TUEBA has developed international collaboration  with reputable international organizations, corporations, businesses and universities in various fields, as follows: (1) Scientific research and technology transfer with IRRI – Philippines, Hohenheim University – Germany, University of Groningen – Netherlands; (2) International undergraduate and graduate  programs with Sunderland University – UK, Deagu University & Deagu Cyber ​​University – South Korea, Central Philippine University – Philippines; (3) Organizing international scientific seminars with Sogang University – South Korea, Fullbright Program – USA; (4) Staff, lecturers and students exchange program with Thomas More University – Belgium; (5) Teaching foreign languages ​​to staff, lecturers and students at TUEBA with ELI – USA; and (6) Upgrading TUEBA’s facilities with ANHE – Korea.

Through International Cooperation activities, TUEBA has also developed scholarship opportunities for staff, lecturers and students; disseminated delegations of staff, lecturers and students abroad to attend classes, exchange knowledge, attend conferences, seminars worldwide; and, hosted conferences/workshops for delegates from all over the world.

It is the strong aspiration of TUEBA to continue the cooperation relationships with international partners in training and scientific research to develop further the professional and foreign language qualification of the teaching staff and the management groups, to revitalize the content of the curriculum and teaching methodologies, to strengthen international exchanges for staff and students of the University, to expand TUEBA’s facilities, and to intensify the University’s revenue.

It is believed that the international cooperation plays an important role in developing TUEBA’s brand name, bringing feasible achievements, and enhancing the prestige of the University in the hearts of international friends and partners as TUEBA soars high towards success.