Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) has a mission of training high quality human resources at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, scientific research, technology transfer and international cooperation in fields of business, administration and management serving the socio-economic development of the midland and mountainous areas of northern Vietnam.

The Science research department of the university was established improve the training quality, adapt the social need, follow the direction of integration teaching and learning with the application of scientific knowledge into practice. In recent years, Science research of the university has grown and developed in both quantity and quality.

After more than 10 years of building and development, TUEBA has produced hundreds of topics at all levels, including state-level science topics (Nafosted), ministry-level science topics, university-level science topics, province-level science topics, and student science topics.

Besides, TUEBA has also conducted research projects sponsored by foreign organizations such as POSCO TJ Park Foundation, International Rice Research Institute – IRRI, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy – KIEP, Ford Foundation, INSA-ETEA organization of Spain and the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ).

In addition, TUEBA has also organized many national and international conferences attracting attention from government policy makers, research institutions, ministries, and the participation of experts from other countries such as the United States, Australia, Belgium, South Korea, the Philippines, China, among others. Moreover, the staff and lecturers of the university have published hundreds of local and international articles, a number of textbooks, reference books, monographs in both Vietnamese and English languages.