A meeting celebrate Christmas and the new year 2021

In the afternoon of December 21st, 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business and Administration organized a meeting for foreign students studying at the university to celebrate Christmas and a new year 2021. Each nation has its own way to rejoice its the new year. This event is an occasion for foreign students to explore the traditional features of Viet Nam to welcome a new year.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Quyet talked to foreign students

At the meeting,  Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Quyet – Head of Department of Technology – Science & International Cooperation listened to students sharing their thoughts and emotions when they had to welcome a new year far away their homeland. Then, he also sent the best wishes to their families. After the meeting, all students visited the Church of Thai Nguyen Province and they were introduced about the history of the church, interesting things in its structure and activities to welcome a new year of the Catholic religion. In addition they also visited some other attractions of Thai Nguyen.

Foreign students took photos with the teachers

Foreign students visited the Church of Thai Nguyen Province

Students visited a Pagoda in Thai Nguyen Province

Students visited the highest Christmas trees in Thai Nguyen 

All of them presented their enjoyment when they had a new experience. This event not only has special meanings in enhancing the united and knowledge for students but also express the interest of TUEBA administrators in students.