TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration hosts an international workshop entitled Supporting Student Success with New Pedagogical Approaches

On May 30th, 2018, TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) successfully hosted an international workshop with a theme “Supporting Student Success with New Pedagogical Approaches”. This was a one-day practical workshop aimed at supporting and inspiring those who are transforming student’s life in higher education. The workshop was specifically designed to take lecturers from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ in their teaching practice, help them to pick up teaching tips, get to grips with teaching methods, and respond to the curriculum demands so they can really inspire their students. The workshop was co-chaired by experts from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) from Australia. 70 participants from various faculties of TUEBA and participants from Thai Nguyen University, TNU-University of Agriculture and Forestry gathered to explore the issues concerning new pedagogical approaches.

In fact, the challenges of the XXI century namely the development of competencies in order to promote lifelong learning, learn to learn and digital inclusion, are forcing the development and introduction of new pedagogical approaches in higher education. Some participants mentioned the application of blended solutions in teaching and learning, whereas some of them suggested using technologies, such as educational games, flipped classroom, creative situations, online learning platforms, cyber courses. At the workshop, 10 plenary presentations were delivered and this workshop was actually a valuable opportunity when lecturers and researchers can share their experiences, their practices, questions and doubts concerning the development and use of these new approaches. A number of questions were raised by the participants, including questions such as: What pedagogical approaches to effectively develop student’s competences? How leaner-centered approach is like in 4.0 digital era? How can these technologies be used with pedagogical purposes? What technologies are available? How can I prepare a flipped classroom? How can students be evaluated and assessed? What do teachers need to learn in order to be prepared for such challenges? How are universities going to change in order to embrace these challenges?

Prof. Shaun Nykvist made a plenary presentation

Prior the workshop, Prof. Shaun Nykvist, an expert from QUT, had spent one day with leaders from faculties and divisions to get to know about the real practices and challenges of faculties and divisions at TUEBA. During the discussion session, Prof. Shaun Nykvist made some practical recommendations which can be suitable for TUEBA in the current context.

Dr. Shaun Nykvist worked with leaders from faculties and divisions

After one day of hard work and cheerful discussions, participants were delighted with what they had gained from the workshop. Speaking on the success of the workshop, Duong Thanh Hao, M.A. from Faculty of Foundation Studies, said: “A very good imparting of knowledge and resources that can be used by new lecturers, held in a supporting and accepting environment in which to share opinions and ideas.” Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh from Faculty of Economics added to the feedback: “An excellent day with a good group size, which helped discussions. Very well facilitated. We covered a lot of ground, and it gave me a lot of food for thought.”

Lecturers from TUEBA talked to Prof. Shaun Nykvist about issues of new pedagogical approaches