The workshop “Curriculum development – Experiences from Australian universities”

In the cooperation framework between TUEBA and Queensland University of Technology (QUT – Australia), the workshop “Curriculum development – Experiences from Australian universities” was taken place at TUEBA on March 20, 2018, with the participation of the educational experts from QUT as well as the leaders, staff  and faculty members from TUEBA.

Prof. Nelson Salangsang were sharing his experience of curriculum development

Participants were grouped under the guidance of the educational experts

The workshop focused on curriculum development issues shared by Prof. Nelson Salangsang – Director of International Projects – Office of Trade Service Research & Commercialization – QUT. The participants in the workshop were involved in specific tasks associated with their academic activities, such as developing teaching objectives, output standard requirements, and adjusting the existing curriculum, etc. The workshop showed a strong interaction between Australian professionals and Vietnamese practitioners. Many questions were given out and put into discussions.

The workshop took place in a cheerful, open and friendly atmosphere. This is expected to be the premise for the staff and faculty members in TUEBA to access creative and efficient thinking and methodology for high-quality curriculum development in the coming time.

Active learning methods

Date: 17/6/2016

Organizer: TUEBA

Content: – Sharing of experiences on active learning methods. This teaching and learning methods has been approved to enhance engagement between learners and learning materials, thereby improving the thinking and learning outcomes of learners.


Date: 1/6/2016

Organizer: TUEBA

Content: Presentation of the Fair Trade project by a group of Seattle University students in the United States also a study on the behavior of women entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

Research on social enterprises

Date: 8/4/2016

Organizer: TUEBA


– Overview of social entrepreneurial characteristics, comparing  social entrepreneurship models in the United States and Vietnam

– Discussion on the use of value chains to analyze the social impact of firms.