TUEBA worked with Professor Yoon Mahn Hee -Daegu University (Korea)

On January 15, 2018, Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector, on behalf of TUEBA’s leaders, had a meeting with Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee – Daegu University (Korea).

At the meeting

Established in 1956, Daegu University is the first university to offer higher education in Korea. The combination of academic knowledge, technology and practical applications in teaching has made Daegu one of the leading universities in Korea. The university is well known for its majors: Language, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Information Technology, Engineering, Public Relations, Arts and Design, Education, etc.

Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee – Daegu University had a speech at the meeting

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research, exchange of lecturers, students, etc. The representatives of TUEBA made some suggestions such as inviting professors from Deagu University to teach graduate programs at TUEBA; collaborating with the scholars of Daegu University to write and publish research works in international publications; inviting Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economics & Business Administration; organizing international seminars; sending students from Daegu University to study at the University of Economics and Business Administration.

Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee expressed his interest in TUEBA’s proposals, and promised to introduce the Journal of Business Economics and Management to his colleagues in Korea. The representatives of the two sides highly appreciated the prospect of cooperation and agreed to continue working for a better discussion on cooperation activities in the future.

TUEBA’s leaders and officials

TUEBA’s leaders and officials took souvenir photos with Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee

The meeting ended at 16.30 in joyful atmosphere and opened up many cooperation opportunities between the two universities.