Graduate Programs

The University of Economics and Business Administration currently offers 03 Master’s degree programs (Economic Management, Business Management and Agricultural Economics) and 02 doctoral programs (Economic Management and  Agricultural Economics).

The training programs are regularly renovated to ensure the quality of the graduates towards national accreditation and gradually meet the training needs of the society.

Graduate training programs are designed flexibly based on credit system and study time.

As of 2016 – 2017, the university enrolled 700 master and doctoral students including international students.

With its role, mission and capacity of a tertiary institution, the University of Economics and Business Administration is very honored and willing to cooperate with all national and international partners, businesses, social organizations, and students to develop high quality human resources for the society and professional capacity of the trainees.

Type of Programs Name of Programs
1 Doctoral

(4 years)

Economic Management
Agricultural Economics
2 Master

(2 years)

Business Administration
Economic Management
Agricultural Economics