It will never be too late for people to realize that the true value of life is to love, to share. But it will be late if we realize them without joining hands to implement.

The winter program “Warm winter in the highlands” is an annual event which is organized by the Youth Union of TUEBA to promote the spirit of mutual love, solidarity, and love with the country, people.

In this event of 2020, the volunteers of TUEBA coming to Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai Province to give clothes and some items to poor children.  Each gift contains faithful love for dynamic and enthusiastic young people.

This program received the interest of the Party, Administrators, and all members of the Youth Union in TUEBA. After 1 month of calling supports, the organization team received more than 40 million dongs. This amount of money will be spent to give presents to poor students in Mu Cang Chai and vulnerable students in TUEBA.

In this volunteer event, more than 250 clothes, 250 sets of crayons, 250 sets of clay were given to children at 4 kindergartens in Mu Cang Chai. The total donation value is about 26,500,000 VND. Besides,   the volunteer delegation help to Giang A Thanh’s family to fix their roofs and gave them a gift worth 500,000 VND.

In addition, there was a very meaningful cultural exchange program between members of the volunteer team and the local children.

The volunteer program “ Warm winter in the  Highlands” in 2020 has not only created   meaningful impressions  for all local people but also evident  the power of youth and the volunteer tradition of TUEBA