Central Philippine University warmly welcomes TUEBA students of high quality programs

TUEBA students at Central Philippine University

On April 13, 2019, 18 students of high quality undergraduate programs started student mobility program in the Philippines under the framework of training cooperation between Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration and Central Philippine University.

Prof. Teodoro C. Robles – President of Central Philippine University – welcomed TUEBA students

Welcoming TUEBA delegation was a warm reception, where the President of Central Philippine University had a speech expressing great interest in TUEBA students, hoping that after 2 months of studying, TUEBA students will obtain good records. The President also expressed his wish that the cooperation between the CPU and TUEBA will be further strengthened.

The purpose of short-term exchange is not to get a degree but for students to improve and sharpen their foreign language skills ​​as well as to learn from international students and experience the life of international students during their study in the Philippines. Exchange students will receive credits as regular students. At the end of 2 months of exchange, the students will have to submit their study program report. They can then share to their friends in the home country good memories about the country, the people and the university in which they are enrolled to study in the Philippines.

Below are some pictures of TUEBA students while studying at CPU: