Promoting student’s cross-cultural understanding through participation in international exchange

From 20th May 2018 to 29th May 2018, the delegation from TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) took part in the 4th South and Southeast Asia College Student Culture and Sport Week hosted by Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), Kunming, Yunan Province, China. The culture and sports week was hosted annually on an extravagant scale and saw active participation from universities across South and Southeast Asia. More than 20 teams of nearly 400 staff and students from countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and China’s Yunan province participated in the Men’s Soccer and Men’s and Women’s Volleyball games.

TUEBA had the privilege of being the one of the two universities from Vietnam to be invited to participate in the first international tournament in 2015. This year, TUEBA sent a delegation of 14 Men’s volleyball players and staff to participate in the tournament. TUEBA’s team, with strong determination and high spirit, played a series of seven games against teams from Thailand, India, China and KUST’s own home teams. Despite the fact that they were not strong team and unable to win the tournament, the resilience, determination, grit, true sportsmanship and friendliness shown by TUEBA’s team throughout the tournament was indeed remarkable.

KUST also organized a cultural event where the students were taken on a scenic tour of astoundingly beautiful Stone Forest, which is a spectacular set of limestone groups and the representative of south China’s karst landscape, located in Yunan province. The 270-million-year-old natural heritage site is breathtakingly beautiful and home to many legends and folklore, the most of popular of them being the legend of the beautiful Ashima who was turned into stone and whose memorabilia in the form of naturally formed rock sculpture stands witness to her legend.

The two-week event came to a grand conclusion with a vibrant and exuberant cultural program that saw participants performing various cultural acts representing their own country. TUEBA’s team put up a mesmerizing show entertaining the audience with a choir performance that inspired the networking and friendship of students from all participating universities.

This event actually provided a valuable opportunity for TUEBA students and international students to get to know each other, to interact and learn not only about sports but also cultural exchanges among China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Through the sport and culture week, the delegation from TUEBA enriched their cross-cultural understanding and promoted the international exchange program.

With new-found friendships, memories to cherish for a lifetime and a first-hand international exposure to TUEBA’s students, the team started its journey back home on the May 29th and also started their mission to promote student engagement in international exchange at TUEBA.

TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration tightens relationships with partner universities in China

Recognizing the rapid development and the quality of, and investment in academic research in China, TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) has designated China as one of the priority countries with which it seeks to establish a strategic and sustainable partnership of teaching and research collaboration. To achieve strategic goals of international cooperation and exchange, from April 26th to April 29th, 2018, a delegation led by Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai paid a visit to three universities in Yunnan, China. The specific aims of the visit are to strengthen research and enrich education at TUEBA and Chinese partner universities, and to develop and sustain joint partnerships and projects in which TUEBA and Chinese partners excel and where they have to offer advantages to each other and that can make a difference in terms of quality of research and education, innovation and impact in science, society, and the economy.

TUEBA’s current cooperation with China is rather fragmented and a more focused, strategic and long-term cooperation is needed to build strong, effective and mutually beneficial relationships with Chinese universities and institutions. On this visit, the delegation visited three Chinese institutions, namely Honghe University, Kumming University of Science and Technology and Yunnan University. Whichever institution they went to, they received the warmest and friendliest reception by leaders of local universities who also expressed their desire and goodwill to build strong relationships with TUEBA.

In particular, on April 27 th the delegation visited Honghe University.  Prof.­ Gan Xuechun, Rector of Honghe University, and representatives from various faculties and departments had an important discussion session with the delegation. Two parties agreed to sign the revised MOU and 2+2 joint training agreement between Honghe University and TUEBA and offer scholarships for students enrolled in 2+2 undergraduate programs. Accordingly, students with outstanding academic performances will be waived from tuition fee, dormitory cost and will receive a stipend up to 3000 RMB per year. TUEBA will offer pre-university Chinese language courses for Vietnamese students so that they can be proficient enough to earn credits with Chinese instructions in Honghe University. Two parties also agreed to provide short internships in Vietnam for students from Honghe University and the internships will be provided in mid-July to August. Besides, issues such as student and staff mobility, international research, the establishment of vocational training center at TUEBA and offering undergraduate program in logistics were fruitfully discussed.

Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai and Prof. Gan Xuechun signed on agreements

On the morning of April 28th, the delegation visited Kumming University of Science and Technology (KUST). Prof. Yang Bin, Vice Rector, and representatives from faculties and departments held a warmest reception. The meeting between the two parties took place in the friendly and open atmosphere. For the commencement of 2+2 undergraduate program between TUEBA and KUST, KUST agreed to offer a scholarship of 10,000 RMB to the chosen student from TUEBA. With regard to collaborative research, two parties agreed to examine the fields and projects in which each institution excel and recommend the suitable collaborative research. Prior to collaborative research, TUEBA and KUST consented to invite each party’s representatives to attend important academic forums and conferences. Additionally, TUEBA and KUST committed to continue the existing good culture and sport exchange activities. KUST also requested TUEBA to offer short internships in Vietnam for KUST students and TUEBA agreed to execute the internship program as soon as possible in 2018.

Signing ceremony at Kumming University of Science and Technology

                In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited Yunnan University (YNU). The delegation had a meeting with Prof. Li Wei – Dean of School of International Education, Prof. Luo Meijuan – Dean of School of Economics and Prof. Ma Bing – International Students Center. Two parties reached a number of agreements on cooperation. For 2+2 undergraduate program, students will be waived 50% of tuition fee. The two universities will soon decide on which programs to offer and the curricula. Moreover, two parties agreed to cohost international conferences, workshops and seminars. Regarding the establishment of Chinese Language Center at TUEBA, YNU expected the center would be a focal point for Chinese language education, admission to YNU and execution of various collaborative programs between two universities and in the region.

Discussion session at Yunnan University

Collaboration between TUEBA and Chinese academic institutions is extensive and fruitful. The existing good relationship with Chinese academic institutions will provide a sound basis for the rapid and sustainable growth of TUEBA to be a dynamic and vibrant higher education institution in Vietnam.

Pham Nhu Cuong – Dept. of Science – Technology and International Cooperation, TUEBA

TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration hosts an international workshop entitled Supporting Student Success with New Pedagogical Approaches

On May 30th, 2018, TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) successfully hosted an international workshop with a theme “Supporting Student Success with New Pedagogical Approaches”. This was a one-day practical workshop aimed at supporting and inspiring those who are transforming student’s life in higher education. The workshop was specifically designed to take lecturers from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ in their teaching practice, help them to pick up teaching tips, get to grips with teaching methods, and respond to the curriculum demands so they can really inspire their students. The workshop was co-chaired by experts from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) from Australia. 70 participants from various faculties of TUEBA and participants from Thai Nguyen University, TNU-University of Agriculture and Forestry gathered to explore the issues concerning new pedagogical approaches.

In fact, the challenges of the XXI century namely the development of competencies in order to promote lifelong learning, learn to learn and digital inclusion, are forcing the development and introduction of new pedagogical approaches in higher education. Some participants mentioned the application of blended solutions in teaching and learning, whereas some of them suggested using technologies, such as educational games, flipped classroom, creative situations, online learning platforms, cyber courses. At the workshop, 10 plenary presentations were delivered and this workshop was actually a valuable opportunity when lecturers and researchers can share their experiences, their practices, questions and doubts concerning the development and use of these new approaches. A number of questions were raised by the participants, including questions such as: What pedagogical approaches to effectively develop student’s competences? How leaner-centered approach is like in 4.0 digital era? How can these technologies be used with pedagogical purposes? What technologies are available? How can I prepare a flipped classroom? How can students be evaluated and assessed? What do teachers need to learn in order to be prepared for such challenges? How are universities going to change in order to embrace these challenges?

Prof. Shaun Nykvist made a plenary presentation

Prior the workshop, Prof. Shaun Nykvist, an expert from QUT, had spent one day with leaders from faculties and divisions to get to know about the real practices and challenges of faculties and divisions at TUEBA. During the discussion session, Prof. Shaun Nykvist made some practical recommendations which can be suitable for TUEBA in the current context.

Dr. Shaun Nykvist worked with leaders from faculties and divisions

After one day of hard work and cheerful discussions, participants were delighted with what they had gained from the workshop. Speaking on the success of the workshop, Duong Thanh Hao, M.A. from Faculty of Foundation Studies, said: “A very good imparting of knowledge and resources that can be used by new lecturers, held in a supporting and accepting environment in which to share opinions and ideas.” Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh from Faculty of Economics added to the feedback: “An excellent day with a good group size, which helped discussions. Very well facilitated. We covered a lot of ground, and it gave me a lot of food for thought.”

Lecturers from TUEBA talked to Prof. Shaun Nykvist about issues of new pedagogical approaches

2561 Bunpimay Festival – the traditional New Year of Laotian people

On April 13, 2018, TUEBA organized the traditional New Year Bunpimay Festival for Laotian students who are studying at the campus.

TUEBA’s leaders took photos with the delegates and Laotian students

Mr. Nguyen Nang Dac – Vice President of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen province; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Quyet – Head of the International Cooperation Department; leaders of departments, faculties, centers; and students of high-quality programs attended this significant event.

After a special music show performed by Vietnamese students, Assoc. Prof. Dr, Tran Van Quyet gave a lot of praise to the Laotian students for their learning results, and shared his joy with the Bunpimay festival of Laotian people.

Mr. Nguyen Nang Dac, Vice President of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen Province, also congratulated the Laotian students who are studying at TUEBA on this occasion.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Quyet, Head of the International Cooperation Department, congratulated the Laotian students on the occasion of Bunpimay Festival.

Mr. Nguyen Nang Dac – Vice President of the Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen Province wished the Laotian students a Happy New Year

Chan Thone Sensoulat, a student of the Faculty of Management – Economic Law, on behalf of the Laotian students at TUEBA, expressed his sincere thanks and promised to study well in order to contribute to the development of Laos as well as to enhance the friendship between the two countries.

A representative of the Laotian students gave thanking words to TUEBA and the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen province.

 The representatives of TUEBA and the Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen province presented gifts to the Laotian students who had excellent learning results

The event was ended up with a number of interesting songs and games which were performed and played by both Laotian and Vietnamese students.


TUEBA worked with the DAAD Regional Office in Hanoi on April 12, 2018

TUEBA’ representatives took photos with the representatives of the DAAD Regional Office in Hanoi

On April 12, 2018, TUEBA had a meeting with Mr. Stefan Hase Berger – Director of the DAAD Regional Office in Hanoi and Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nhung – Head of the DAAD Scholarship Programs.

On behalf of TUEBA, the attendees included Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Quyet – Head of the International Cooperation Department; Dr. Bui Minh Hang – Director of the International Cooperation Center for Training and Study Abroad, the representatives from different functional departments and faculties as well as those who were interested in DAAD scholarship programs.

At the meeting, the two sides proposed a number of cooperation opportunities such as exchanging lecturers and students; organizing scientific conferences at TUEBA, publishing articles in international journals, etc.

Then, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nhung – another representative of the DAAD Regional Office in Hanoi briefly introduced some information on the DAAD and graduate scholarships offered by this organization.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nhung introduced DAAD scholarship programs

Since its establishment, the DAAD has supported over 1.9 million German and international scholars. DAAD has also served as an association of German universities, colleges and students. In addition to providing scholarships, the DAAD also has other functions and tasks such as promoting the internationalization of German universities and colleges, promoting the study of German language, supporting developing countries in the construction of high-quality universities and colleges as well as giving advice on education, diplomatic and development policies.

TUEBA welcomed the delegation from Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

TNU – University of Economics & Business Administration (TUEBA) has cooperated with many universities in Taiwan in academic exchanges and scientific research program. On 10th April, 2017, TUEBA was honored to welcome the delegation from Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan led by Prof. Tran Van Doan – Dean of the Theology Institute.

Welcoming the delegation were Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector, representative leaders of the International Cooperation Department and the International Cooperation Center for Training and Study-Abroad.

At the meeting, the two Universities discussed cooperation opportunities in student exchange program, faculty exchange program, scientific research, especially in the field of economics and business administration, as well as graduate scholarships for university staff and faculty members. The specific contents were mentioned as follows:

+ Developing and deploying the dual degree program for some courses taught in English.

+ Sending TUEBA’s students to Chang Jung Christian University (and vice versa) to attend an official semester or a summer semester for getting credits of some subjects taught in English.

+ Sending students from Chang Jung Christian University to TUEBA for learning Business Vietnamese and for attending cultural exchange programs.

+ Inviting professors of Chang Jung Christian University to TUEBA to deliver lectures that may last 01 week, 01 month or 02 months (depending on needed subjects); Sending TUEBA’s faculty members, especially who are studying PhD programs) to teach at Chang Jung Christian University for getting more experience.

+ Cooperating in research projects such as writing and publishing articles in prestigious international journals.

+ Deploying the internship program in Taiwan for TUEBA’s final-year students.

+ Chang Jung Christian University will give priority to TUEBA staff and faculty members to study postgraduate programs in the coming time (September, 2018).

The meeting took place in a friendly and open atmosphere, promising new cooperation prospects between TUEBA and Chang Jung Christian University as well as other Taiwanese academic institutions.


The Honorary Doctorate Degree Conferment Ceremony of Thai Nguyen University to Prof. Detlef Briesen – Justus-Liebig University (Giessen, Germany)

In honor of the outstanding achievements of Prof. Detlef Briesen, Justus-Liebig University (Giessen, Germany) in his research, training and contributions to the development of TUEBA in particular and Thai Nguyen University in general, TUEBA recommended  the President of Thai Nguyen University to consider and confer the Honorary Doctorate Degree to Professor Detlef Briesen.

On March 15, 2018, the Honorary Doctorate Degree Conferment Ceremony of Thai Nguyen University to Prof. Detlef Briesen took place at the Meeting hall of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the joyful and solemn atmosphere.

Attending the ceremony, representatives of Thai Nguyen University were Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh – Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khanh Doanh – Head of International Cooperation Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Van – Head of Science & Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thanh Ha – Chief of Secretariat.

On behalf of TUEBA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector and leaders of Science, Technology & International Cooperation Department attended this meaningful ceremony.

There was also the presence of Prof. Detlef Briesen’s colleagues who came from Germany and shared happiness with him.

At the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh briefly introduced about the life, career, as well as contributions of Prof. Detlef Briesen on education, training and scientific research to Thai Nguyen University.

Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh delivered a speech at the ceremony

Thai Nguyen University awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree to Prof. Detlef Briesen to express deep gratitude for his valuable contributions. Also, Thai Nguyen University hoped, regardless of different positions, Prof. Detlef Briesen would be a great friend who can support and create new opportunities for cooperation with Vietnamese universities and scientists, especially with Thai Nguyen University.”

Prof. Dr.  Dang Van Minh awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree to Prof. Detlef Briesen

In the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony, Prof. Detlef Briesen expressed his happiness and sincere thanks to TUEBA and Thai Nguyen University. He said that in the coming times, he would continue his contributions to the development of the relationship between Justus-Liebig University and Thai Nguyen University.

Prof. Detlef Briesen expressed his special thanks to the leaders of Thai Nguyen University

Here are some pictures taken at the ceremony:


The workshop “Curriculum development – Experiences from Australian universities”

In the cooperation framework between TUEBA and Queensland University of Technology (QUT – Australia), the workshop “Curriculum development – Experiences from Australian universities” was taken place at TUEBA on March 20, 2018, with the participation of the educational experts from QUT as well as the leaders, staff  and faculty members from TUEBA.

Prof. Nelson Salangsang were sharing his experience of curriculum development

Participants were grouped under the guidance of the educational experts

The workshop focused on curriculum development issues shared by Prof. Nelson Salangsang – Director of International Projects – Office of Trade Service Research & Commercialization – QUT. The participants in the workshop were involved in specific tasks associated with their academic activities, such as developing teaching objectives, output standard requirements, and adjusting the existing curriculum, etc. The workshop showed a strong interaction between Australian professionals and Vietnamese practitioners. Many questions were given out and put into discussions.

The workshop took place in a cheerful, open and friendly atmosphere. This is expected to be the premise for the staff and faculty members in TUEBA to access creative and efficient thinking and methodology for high-quality curriculum development in the coming time.

The delegation from private high schools of the Philippines visited and worked with TUEBA

Within the framework of the international cooperation program with TUEBA, on February 02, 2018, the delegation of teachers and students from Bridgewater School, Refiner’s Christian School Calauan, These Martin of Lisieux School, Business High School, and Joy in Learning School of the Philippines led by Dr. Felly Ramos visited and had a meeting with the TUEBA. Receiving and working with the delegation were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector, and some representatives of major departments of  TUEBA.

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Nhuan Kien welcomed the delegation from the Philippines and suggested some cooperation opportunities. The representative of TUEBA informed the delegation on tuition fees for overseas students. Specifically, Filipino students will be supported 50% of tuition fees for the whole course. For students who have excellent academic performance, TUEBA will support 100% of tuition fees and reduce the dorm cost.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector of TUEBA delivered a speech at the meeting

Talking to the leaders of TUEBA, Dr Felly Ramos expressed her special thanks to TUEBA’s warm welcome to the delegation, and expressed her willingness to cooperate, share experiences between the two sides in the future. In addition, she also hoped the representatives of TUEBA to clarify the requirements for maintaining the scholarship throughout the course for Filipino students, including criteria on learning results, selection, etc. She also suggested some contents that should be included in the cooperation agreement.

Dr. Felly Ramos expressed her willing to cooperate with TUEBA in the future

The meeting took place in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere to enhance understanding between TUEBA and the private high schools of the Philippines in the development process.

Some photos were taken at the meeting:



TUEBA worked with Professor Yoon Mahn Hee -Daegu University (Korea)

On January 15, 2018, Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector, on behalf of TUEBA’s leaders, had a meeting with Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee – Daegu University (Korea).

At the meeting

Established in 1956, Daegu University is the first university to offer higher education in Korea. The combination of academic knowledge, technology and practical applications in teaching has made Daegu one of the leading universities in Korea. The university is well known for its majors: Language, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Information Technology, Engineering, Public Relations, Arts and Design, Education, etc.

Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee – Daegu University had a speech at the meeting

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research, exchange of lecturers, students, etc. The representatives of TUEBA made some suggestions such as inviting professors from Deagu University to teach graduate programs at TUEBA; collaborating with the scholars of Daegu University to write and publish research works in international publications; inviting Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economics & Business Administration; organizing international seminars; sending students from Daegu University to study at the University of Economics and Business Administration.

Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee expressed his interest in TUEBA’s proposals, and promised to introduce the Journal of Business Economics and Management to his colleagues in Korea. The representatives of the two sides highly appreciated the prospect of cooperation and agreed to continue working for a better discussion on cooperation activities in the future.

TUEBA’s leaders and officials

TUEBA’s leaders and officials took souvenir photos with Prof. Yoon Mahn Hee

The meeting ended at 16.30 in joyful atmosphere and opened up many cooperation opportunities between the two universities.