Today, July 6, 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration cooperates with College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2 (CMARD2), Vietnam Cooperative Enterprise Development Project (VCED) and The Thai Nguyen Cooperative Union to organize the opening of the training class ” The young do start up with cooperative Model” at the large Hall, Dong Duong Hotel, Thai Nguyen City.
All activities of the training class will happen in 2 days, from 6th to 7th July 2020 with the target is to enhance the capacity, qualifications and creative ideas for young intellectuals who glue with the development of agricultural cooperatives.
The training class is organized in the framework of Vietnam Cooperative Enterprise Development Project (VCED) which is managed by the Société de Coopération pour Le Développment International (SOCODEVI). The project will help develop a national strategy to scale up and replicate the success of high-performance cooperatives. It will assist cooperatives to create and implement business plans, while developing financing mechanisms to enable them to acquire new technology for the processing and marketing of agricultural products. It will deliver training programs on governance and gender equality, environmentally sustainable agricultural production techniques, such as safe application of fertilizer and pesticides, and post-harvest handling in order to meet quality certification standards and access new markets. SOCODEVI is an organization with a long-term cooperation with the University of Economics and Business Administration.
Thanks for Department of Science – Technology & International Cooperation (tueba) with the role as a connecting bridge, SOCODEVI and TUEBA jointed hands to organized many meaningful seminars and workshop relating to the topic of cooperative development.
On behalf of TUEBA, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector gives the opening speech.

Assoc.Prof. Do Anh Tai gives an opening speech.

On the side of College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2, there is Doctor Vo Thi Kim Sa – Vice Rector of College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2; Director of VCED

Dr. Vo Thi Kim Sa  gives an opening speech

In addition, the event witnesses the participation of MSc. Gaby Breton – co-director of the VCED, Mr. Nguyen Van Dung – Chairman of Thai Nguyen Cooperatives Union and more than 40 people who are youngers with strong advanced spirit and new innovative start-up ideas..

MS.c Gaby Breton – co-director of the VCED speaks at the opening ceremony

During the class, all participants will have opportunities to access new innovative agricultural methods in production and value chain approaches to develop a strategic position for cooperatives in the price chain.


MOTIVE is the abbreviation of a project named “Monitoring Trends in Vietnamese graduates’ Employment”. The project aims to 4 specific objectives, including: (1) to strengthen the capacity for the Vietnamese to release graduate surveys; (2) to build-up the capacity for the Vietnamese in exploiting the data of graduates for the adoption of quality assurance measures; (3) to increase cooperation between Vietnamese universities and MOET on graduate tracking; (4) to reinforce the connection between partner institutions and society on graduate tracking.

Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration (TUEBA) is a center for training high quality human resource in the Northern mountainous region, Viet Nam. In addition to training activities, TUEBA has been implementing many high applicable research projects in collaboration with many Vietnamese institutions and international partners.  TUEBA is one of the members of Thai Nguyen University which currently has participated in the MOTIVE project. In the context of this project, an online training took place on 25th April, 2020 hosted by Hanoi University. The online training witnessed the enthusiasm joining of researchers and IT staffs coming from Thai Nguyen University such as Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, Thai Nguyen University of Agricultural and Forestry, School of Foreign Language. There are 4 issues that the program focused on. Firstly, the introduction of  VOYAGE, process to handle works, steps in projects. Secondly, roles of student, admin, company in the project. Thirdly, questionnaire and information fields of the project. Finally, notes about personnel, operation and finance management. At the end of the programs, attendants had opportunities to share their opinions though part for questions and answers. These following images are about the program:

Introduction of how to register an account on the Voyage system.


Introduction of how to answer the survey questionnaire on the Voyage system

This event is considered as one of the steps in the process of development of the project. After this event, TUEBA plans to build a communication plan about the project’s data system of VOYAGE for student, introduction of how to register an account on the system and guide them to answer survey questionnaires.


Rice management to increase water use efficiency, preserve resources and improve livelihoods of people in the upstream of Red River and Mekong River

Duration: 2006-2009

Cost of project: 134.000 USD (for 4 partners)

Sponsors: IFAD, IRRI


Main goal:

– To establish land use options to improve water use efficiency at different scales (households to regions), and to improve access to water for the poor and ensure sustainable food security for farmers in upstream areas.

Study on household’s living standards and poverty dynamics in mountainous areas of Thai Nguyen Province

Duration: 2006-2009

Cost of project: 67. 000 USD

Sponsor: Ford Foundation – USA

Partners: Wisconsin University – USA

Main goals

– To provide solutions to help the poor in mountainous areas of Thai Nguyen get out of poverty and improve their standard of living.

– To strengthen the teaching staff’s research capacity at the University of Economics and Business Administration and local officials to gain access to major research cooperation projects with foreign countries.

Pilot project on regional rural development in Thai Nguyen province: enhancing the capacity of implementing and managing renovation projects

Duration: 2004 – 2007

Cost of project: 78.070 EURO

Sponsor: INSA-ETEA, Spain

Main goals:

– To strengthen the capacity of the teaching staff of the University of Economics and Business Administration;

– To provide basic materials for research and project implementation;

– To train collaborators from local to commune and district levels for rural development;

– To advise a number of cooperatives in the two typical districts on the accounting work and help carry out computerized accounting, thereby expanding the model to some cooperatives of neighboring districts; and

– To revise regional rural development documents for research and project implementation, as a theoretical basis for rural development, especially in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam.