Honoring the Students with five good merits” at the central level and the “January Star Award ” in 2020

In the evening of January 7, the program to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Traditional Day of Students and Vietnamese Student Association (January 9, 1950 – January 9, 2021) to honor “ Students with five good merits” at the central level and the “January Star Award ” in 2020 was held at the Vietnam Youth Academy.

At the event, there were members of the Politburo – Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh; member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Chief of the Office of the Party Central Committee Nguyen Dac Vinh; The First Secretary of the Central Youth Union, the Central Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Union Nguyen Anh Tuan and outstanding students, Youth Union officials.
In 2020, the Central Vietnam Student Association received 458 applications for consideration and awarding the “Student with 5 good merits” title and 25 applications for consideration for awarding the ” 5 students collectives with 5 good merits” title at the central level from 41 provinces, cities, affiliated schools, Vietnamese Student Association in Thailand, Korea, Belgium and Australia.

Basing on evaluation results and the proposal of the Selection Council, the “Student with 5 good merits” title was awarded to 198 students and the “Students collective with 5 good merits” were awarded to 24 collectives.
It was honored for TUEBA to have 16 students who gained the “Students with 5 good merits” title at the central level and 1 student received the January Star Award 2020.
TUEBA had the highest number of “Students with 5 good merits” titles in Thai Nguyen province.

Kieu Thu Huyen (student of Accounting Faculty) received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Vu Thi Thuy  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Vu Dieu Linh  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title .

Lai Thanh Huyen  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Nguyen Thanh Tam  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Le Van Cuong  (student of Accounting Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Bui Thanh Cong (student of Banking & Finance Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Chu Thi Phuong Thao (student of Banking & Finance Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Le Minh Hieu (student of Banking & Finance Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Nguyen Thi Ngoc An (student of Law Management Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Vu Hong Nhung (student of Law Management Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Luong Hong Yen (student of Law Management Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Nguyen Minh Duc (student of Law Management Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Nguyen Viet Tai (student of Marketing Trade and Tourism  Faculty)  received the “Student with 5 good merits ” title

Kieu Thu Huyen (student of Accounting  Faculty)  received the “January  Star Award “

A meeting celebrate Christmas and the new year 2021

In the afternoon of December 21st, 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business and Administration organized a meeting for foreign students studying at the university to celebrate Christmas and a new year 2021. Each nation has its own way to rejoice its the new year. This event is an occasion for foreign students to explore the traditional features of Viet Nam to welcome a new year.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Quyet talked to foreign students

At the meeting,  Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Quyet – Head of Department of Technology – Science & International Cooperation listened to students sharing their thoughts and emotions when they had to welcome a new year far away their homeland. Then, he also sent the best wishes to their families. After the meeting, all students visited the Church of Thai Nguyen Province and they were introduced about the history of the church, interesting things in its structure and activities to welcome a new year of the Catholic religion. In addition they also visited some other attractions of Thai Nguyen.

Foreign students took photos with the teachers

Foreign students visited the Church of Thai Nguyen Province

Students visited a Pagoda in Thai Nguyen Province

Students visited the highest Christmas trees in Thai Nguyen 

All of them presented their enjoyment when they had a new experience. This event not only has special meanings in enhancing the united and knowledge for students but also express the interest of TUEBA administrators in students.


It will never be too late for people to realize that the true value of life is to love, to share. But it will be late if we realize them without joining hands to implement.

The winter program “Warm winter in the highlands” is an annual event which is organized by the Youth Union of TUEBA to promote the spirit of mutual love, solidarity, and love with the country, people.

In this event of 2020, the volunteers of TUEBA coming to Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai Province to give clothes and some items to poor children.  Each gift contains faithful love for dynamic and enthusiastic young people.

This program received the interest of the Party, Administrators, and all members of the Youth Union in TUEBA. After 1 month of calling supports, the organization team received more than 40 million dongs. This amount of money will be spent to give presents to poor students in Mu Cang Chai and vulnerable students in TUEBA.

In this volunteer event, more than 250 clothes, 250 sets of crayons, 250 sets of clay were given to children at 4 kindergartens in Mu Cang Chai. The total donation value is about 26,500,000 VND. Besides,   the volunteer delegation help to Giang A Thanh’s family to fix their roofs and gave them a gift worth 500,000 VND.

In addition, there was a very meaningful cultural exchange program between members of the volunteer team and the local children.

The volunteer program “ Warm winter in the  Highlands” in 2020 has not only created   meaningful impressions  for all local people but also evident  the power of youth and the volunteer tradition of TUEBA


On the afternoon of December 2nd, 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration held a meeting with Lao students on the occasion of  “the 45th Anniversary of the National Day of Lao PDR and the 100th birthday of President Kaysone Phomvinhane”.

The ceremony witnessed the appearance of Assoc. Prof. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice-Rector; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Quyet – Head of Department of Science – Technology and International Cooperation, Dr. Bui Thi Minh Hang – Director of the Institute of International Training; representatives of faculties and 37 Laotian students who are studying in TUEBA.

          In recent years, there are more and more Laotian students studying in Thai Nguyen province. In Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration, there are 35 Laotian students currently studying, in which 27 students pay their tuition fee by themselves and 8 Laotian students are support  finance by the Government. All of them received support in all aspects from Vietnamese students and teachers of TUEBA during their studies.

 This event is organized to celebrate the significant days of the Lao people and create conditions for them to welcome their national holiday in a warm and joyous atmosphere. Besides, it is also an opportunity for the leaders of the TUEBA and all faculties where Laotian students are studying to listen to Laotian students sharing all difficulties during their studies in Vietnam. All lecturers in TUEBA hope that Laotian’s students will become the bridge for the friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam – Laos and contribute to the development of their country after their graduation.

The 3rd sport Thai Nguyen tournament to celebrate the friendship between 2 nations Viet Nam – Lao

On 21st November 2020, the third sport tournament of Thai Nguyen Province was launched with the participation of more than 10 institutions and 200 athletes who are Laos Students studying in Thai Nguyen Province. It is organized twice a year in order to create opportunities for students and young people of two nations to exchange culture and enhance the friendship between Viet Nam – Lao.

The team of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business participated in two games: volleyball and badminton with the following contents: Women’s volleyball; Badminton participates in the following events: men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and men’s doubles. Thanks to the support from the leader of two universities; the team has achieved high achievement.

Assoc. Prof Tran Nhuan Kien took a photo with TUEBA’s team.

TUEBA won the championship of women’s double badminton.

TUEBA won the third prize of men’s doubles.

TUEBA won the fourth prize of women’s and men’s

TUEBA won the second prize of the volleyball competition.

The second festival: Tueba ‘ color red– 2020”

The executive committee of The Youth Union in corporation with the Youth Volunteer Club of the Red Cross Organization held a humanitarian Blood Donation Festival with the topic: “The second festival: Tueba ‘ color red– 2020” in September 21th. The event witnessed the participating of staffs coming from Hematology – Blood Transfusion Center of Thai Nguyen Central Hospital, volunteers coming from Red Cross Organization of Thai Nguyen Province, TUEBA Blood Donation Voluntary Club. It attracted more than 400 students to take part in and there were 259 units of blood donated.

This was the second blood donation event  held in 2020. The first event happened in May, 2020 with 345 units of blood donated. All of them brought to  Hematology – Blood Transfusion Center of Thai Nguyen Central Hospital to cure patients. The total number of units collected in both of events were 604.

The graduation ceremony of more than 500 students in Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration


About 526 students officially become new bachelors in the graduation ceremony organised on September 15-16th, 2020.

It was an honor to have the appearance of Assoc. Prof. Tran Nhuan Kien- Vice Rector, representatives of faculty, teachers, staffs and students’ families.

In the ceremony, the vice rector congratulated all students for fulfill their courses in TUEBA and wished them have a brilliant career in the future after graduation. He said that he believed all of them who overcome a lots of difficulties during their study in TUEBA deserved to be successful”.

At the ceremony, Dr. Ta Thi Thanh Huyen – Deputy Head of Training Department public the Decision no 518/QĐ-ĐHKT&QTKD dated on June 30th. 2020 and the Decision No 568/QĐ – ĐHKT&QTKD dated on July 13th. 2020 of Rector to recognize the graduation of 526 students belongs to bachelor degree. There were 11 students got the excellent results. 80 students graduated with Good degree.

To recognize the study results of students, Dr.Tran Luong Duc- Head of Student Affair Department read the Decision of Rector No 760/ QĐ – ĐHKT & QTKD dated on September 03th   to reward for 91 students who have got good achievement in study during the course from 2016 to 2020.


In the ceremony, Ms. Trinh Thai Hoa – Faculty of Accountant andhttp://http://tueba.edu.vn/Content/TUEBA/Images/7(155).jpgMs Chu Thi Phuong Thao – Faculty of Finance and Banking presented their gratitude to staffs, lecturers of TUEBA for supporting them during their study in TUEBA They promised to continue learning, accumulated their knowledge to apply to their life.

This event is not only a graduation ceremony but also an opportunity for them to give thanks to their parents and lecturers.


The volunteering campaign “Green summer” is hold annual by TUEBA, which contains social value, contributes to change appearance of vulnerable regions. With the slogan “ TUEBA Youth joins hand to build new countryside”, TUEBA’s volunteers held volunteering activities in 7 days (from 22/7/2020 – 28/7/2020) at the Hop Thanh Township, Phu Luong District, Thai Nguyen City.

Thanks for the introduction and supporting of Political Parties, Official Board, Youth Union at the local region, the campaign achieved the following results:

– Building a new road with the length of 1.5 km, worth 15.000.000 dong.

– Collaborating with Veteran Association to give presents for 10 vulnerable families, the total value of presents is.000.000 dong.

– Cleaning up the surrounding environment at civil groups.

– Cleaning up the cemetery at Hop Thanh Township, light candles to celebrate the Viet Nam’s War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27).

– Organizing summer activities, teaching English for teenagers in the region.

– Organizing volleyball matches between volunteers and citizens living there.

– Attending the celebrities at the Administrative Office.

The campaign was highly appreciated by the Thai Nguyen Youth Union. Besides, the Hop Thanh Administrative Committee rewarded for some individuals and for the whole team to recognize contributions to the development of the locality.

The volunteering campaign leaved strong impression about the tradition and passion of young people in TUEBA.


Oppotunities to study in a leading German Enterprise


WIHA is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in trade and industry, located in Schonach im Schwarzwald, Germany.

In capacity of the WIHA Group’s parent company, WIHA WERKZEUGE GMBH GERMANY has currently managed the group’s factories located in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Vietnam. Social responsibility is one of the most interests of WIHA , hence,  this is the reason why it has cooperated with many German universities to organize lots of activities such as job fairs, projects, writing thesis, courses for research and training for students. On behalf of WIHA group, WIHA Vietnam wishes to develop the same activities with local universities in Vietnam, including Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration.

The  Memorandum of Agreement among three parties: Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration, WIHA WERKZEUGE GMBH GERMANY and WIHA VIETNAM  marked the milestone on the pathway of development this collaboration.

Within the framework of this MOA, WIHA Werkzeuge GmbH will sponsor for one TUEBA student to study at a German University for 1 semester and do internship in 6 months at the headquarters of the company in Germany. Each year, a scholarship valued €5,000 will be offered for the best candidate. WIHA Vietnam will sponsor a scholarship for candidates who have studied at least three semesters or who are studying Master’s degree in TUEBA. Maximum five scholarships valued €1,000/ scholarship will be given to candidates. The potential candidates who can speak excellent English who are chosen by the company will have opportunities to do internship at the company and write a thesis based on predefined project topics from WIHA VIETNAM.

The MOA has brought a great opportunity for TUEBA’s students to study and do internship at one of the most famous German enterprises. This is also a significant highlight in the development of cooperation programs between TUEBA and enterprises.

TUEBA ‘S students took part in the final round of Canon – Chie Tech compettition

The Canon – Chie tech Competition 2019 organized by Ho Chi Minh Central Youth Union in cooperation with Canon Co., Ltd. It was organized to promote the movement of study and research for student of technical universities to have experience in produce products associated with the actual demand of enterprises. This is the playground for students to share their knowledge about technology.

Canon Chie – Tech is a competition in manufacturing the automatic devices. Chie (in Japanese) is intellectual & Tech is technology. Chie-Tech is used to refer to the use of intelligence and technology to create innovative and breakthrough devices to improve production quality and efficiency.


TUEBA’s team has 3 members (including Le Ngoc Lan, Luu Van Tung, Nguyen Duc Nam). They belongs to the list of 19 teams having opportunities to attend the final round and the exhibition of the competition which will be held in Ha Noi University of Science and Technology in December, 2019