Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration in collaboration with ICAEW organized the opening ceremony of the Accounting Course for Talented Students

On June 19, 2019, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) held the opening ceremony of the Accounting Course for Talented Students. This is one of ICAEW and TUEBA’s mutual efforts to improve the quality of training in the fields of accounting, auditing, and improve the competitiveness and employability for TUEBA students.

Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector – delivered the opening speech

Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai, Vice Rector, said: “The cooperation between ICAEW, the leading professional organization in auditing and accounting of The UK, and Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration are a foundation for high quality training, providing the latest training programs for TUEBA. The partnership also aims to strengthen the enrollment of TUEBA’s talented students with learning and employment opportunities in leading corporations and exposure to the knowledge of the region’s major financial markets. In the coming years, the two parties will strengthen exchange activities to concretize long-term cooperation programs.”

“Since establishment, TUEBA has developed a unique development direction to create differences in training and research, consistently giving the top priority on quality, not offering all programs covering all economic sectors but focusing on developing industries in demand to meet the country’s industrialization, modernization and international economic integration requirements. ”

“Establishing a partner relationship with ICAEW is an opportunity for the two parties to develop high quality training programs in accounting and auditing to meet international training standards, offering more learning and internship opportunities abroad or in prestigious international corporations operating in Vietnam and opportunities to participate in various specialized seminars and networking programs with leading experts in the field of accounting and auditing. ” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai added.

In addition, the Vice Rector also expressed his pride when TUEBA students named themselves on par with students not only at the top universities in the country but also at the top universities in the South-East Asia.

Ms. Dang Thi Mai Trang made a speech at the meeting

On behalf of ICAEW, Ms. Dang Thi Mai Trang, ICAEW Chief Representative in Vietnam shared at the event: “One of ICAEW’s priority goals is to strengthen cooperation with universities to improve the quality of training, meeting the new requirements of the integration economy. Today, I am pleased to see that the partner relationship between ICAEW and TUEBA has become tightened through the opening of the Accounting Course for TUEBA’s talented students.”

“I believe that this course will provide opportunities for the university’s young talents in the field of finance – accounting to follow international training programs. The Accounting Course for Talented Students provides students with not only professional knowledge but soft skills and other necessary professional skills as well to help them confidently work in the internationally professional environment after graduation,” Ms. Trang added.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Dinh Tuan – Dean, Faculty of Accounting – delivered the Decision to grant scholarships

ICAEW Vietnam presented gifts and 26 scholarships to talented accounting students

TUEBA was honored by ICAEW as the university with the most participants in the ICAEW 100 contest in Vietnam.

On this occasion, ICAEW Vietnam honored TUEBA as the university with the most students participating in the ICAEW 100 contest in Vietnam, and presented award and certificate to Nguyen Thi Minh Hang, 3rd year student of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration), who was in top 6 Vietnamese students with the highest results in the contest of searching 100 talented students in Southeast Asia (ICAEW 100).

At the end of the ceremony, 26 students who received scholarships attended the first class session.

Scholarship awarding ceremony for students of elementary Korean level 1

In the framework of educational cooperation between Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) and Daejin International Volunteer Association (DIVA), on June 4, 2019, a scholarship award ceremony for students of elementary Korean level 1 took place at TUEBA. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Yun Eunho – President of DIVA; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai – Vice Rector of TUEBA, Korean teachers and all the students attending the course of elementary Korean level 1.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai delivered his congratulatory speech at the ceremony

As previously reported, TUEBA and DIVA coordinated in many activities such as: co-organizing “Vietnam-Korea Cultural Exchange Night in 2018”, signing a cooperation agreement on Korean training at TUEBA, opening the first Korean class with nearly 30 students. So far the two parties have cooperated to offer a total of 30 scholarships to students of first elementary Korean class, worth VND 28.080.000, including 01 scholarship for excellent performance worth VND 1.800.000, 10 scholarships worth 100% of the tuition, 12 scholarships worth 70% of the tuition and 07 students received a scholarship worth 50% of the tuition. The scholarship fund was taken from the tuition and were additionally sponsored by DIVA.

Mr. Yun Eunho – President of DIVA awarded scholarships to the students

Speaking at the Ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Anh Tai expressed great appreciation to DIVA for their support to students of TUEBA in particular and students in Thai Nguyen province in general. He also expected that DIVA would continue to support TUEBA’s students in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai awarded scholarships to the students

The above scholarships are small in monetary value but they are of great encouragement and meaningfulness to the students attending the Korean class. It is expected that the students will be supported with favorable conditions for further study to succeed on their chosen paths.

TUEBA students are excited to participate in Career Consultation and Recruitment Day in 2019

On May 14, 2019, the Center for Consulting and Student Support – Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration organized the Career Consultation and Recruitment Day in 2019 with the participation of 21 businesses offering 445 job positions.

Career Consultation and Recruitment Day is an event organized annually by TUEBA to implement the its strategic goals and development plans in career orientation, capacity building, job offering for final year students, connecting students with employers. At the same time, this event is aimed to strengthen the development of good cooperation between the institution and enterprises in training and recruitment.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector – delivered opening speech

In his opening speech, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector, on behalf of the staff, lecturers and students, highly appreciated the enterprises for their valuable contribution to participate in the Career Consultation and Recruitment Day in 2019, providing job opportunities with on-site interview to students. TUEBA organizes career consultation and recruitment day every year with the desire to create favorable conditions for students in search of job opportunities suitable to their field of study to show up their abilities and skills to recruiters.

Participating Career Consultation and Recruitment Day in 2019, there were 21 enterprises operating in the fields of information technology, finance – banking, design – construction, aviation, tourism – hospitality, animal feeds, attracting the attention of about 300 students. Major participating enterprises included Vietnam Airlines, Japa Comfeed Company, Kim Cuong Media Company, Tien Bo Group Joint Stock Company, Maritime Bank, Thai Nguyen Post Insurance Company (PTI), Tam Dao Tourism Services Joint Stock Company.

Group photo with collaborative partners

The event converging a large number of businesses operating in different fields helped students have great opportunities to better understand the requirements of enterprises on professional capacity, professional skills and working attitudes of their workers. In addition, the program was not only a bridge between students and employers but also a bridge between Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration and enterprises in high quality human resources training, ensuring university graduates to meet social needs.

Posters of participating enterprises

Direct interview with headhunters

21 participating business partners offered 445 vacancies

The Student’s Association organized the 7th healthy youth festival

On May 7, 2019, at the campus of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, the Youth Union and the Student’s Association successfully organized the 7th Healthy Youth Festival in 2019.

The program attracted the presence of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector; Dr. Bui Nu Hoang Anh – Member of the Party Committee, in charge of youth affairs; Dr. Pham Minh Hoang – Secretary of the Youth Union; MSc. Dong Duc Duy – Chairman of TUEBA’s Student Association; lecturers in the Physical Education Division and more than 500 students.

Speaking at the festival, the Chairman of TUEBA’s Student Association highlighted with the teachers and students about the importance of the Festival, an important condition to achieve the “Good fitness” criterion in the set of “5 Good Students” criteria for the academic year 2018-2019.

The festival is held with a lot of interesting content: physical examination for the certification of ‘healthy youth’, team games: Flashmob, sasuke, reverse game tug. Result:

– 196 students recognized “Good fitness”

– “Flashmob” contest: first prize: Faculty of Finance and Banking, second prize: Faculty of Economics, third prize: Faculty of Business Administration.

– “Sasuke” competition: first prize: Faculty of Business Administration, second prize: Faculty of Management – Economic Law, third prize: Faculty of Economics.

– “Reverse Game Tug” competition: first prize: Faculty of Management – Economic Law, second prize: Faculty of Business Administration, third prize: Faculty of Banking and Finance.

The festival was very exciting, giving students motivation in studying and training, contributing to a dynamic and creative image of TUEBA youth and students. It is expected that in the following years the festival will attract more students to participate, contributing to promoting the movement of regular physical exercise in the university.

Below are some photos of the event.

Central Philippine University warmly welcomes TUEBA students of high quality programs

TUEBA students at Central Philippine University

On April 13, 2019, 18 students of high quality undergraduate programs started student mobility program in the Philippines under the framework of training cooperation between Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration and Central Philippine University.

Prof. Teodoro C. Robles – President of Central Philippine University – welcomed TUEBA students

Welcoming TUEBA delegation was a warm reception, where the President of Central Philippine University had a speech expressing great interest in TUEBA students, hoping that after 2 months of studying, TUEBA students will obtain good records. The President also expressed his wish that the cooperation between the CPU and TUEBA will be further strengthened.

The purpose of short-term exchange is not to get a degree but for students to improve and sharpen their foreign language skills ​​as well as to learn from international students and experience the life of international students during their study in the Philippines. Exchange students will receive credits as regular students. At the end of 2 months of exchange, the students will have to submit their study program report. They can then share to their friends in the home country good memories about the country, the people and the university in which they are enrolled to study in the Philippines.

Below are some pictures of TUEBA students while studying at CPU:

Celebrating Bunpimay 2562 – 2019 with Lao students

On the occasion of the Lao Traditional New Year- Bunpimay festival (falling in 2562 according to the Buddhist calendar), on April 6, 2019, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration hosted the celebration of Bunpimay festival and a friendly football match between currently enrolled Lao students of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration versus Lao students of Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology and Communication.

Attending the event were leaders of the Department of Science and Technology & International Cooperation, Department of Academic Affairs, Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Student Association and hundreds of students studying at TUEBA. The event also welcomed the presence of representative leader of the Department of Science and Technology & International Cooperation, Chairman of the Student Association and Lao students from Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology and Communication.

Dr. Ta Thi Thanh Huyen – Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Affairs, on behalf of the university leaders, sent warmest greetings to Lao students and highlighted the profound meaning of the traditional Lunar New Year of Bunpimay to Laotian people. Dr. Huyen highly appreciated the cooperation relationship and friendship between Vietnam and Laos in general and the contribution of Lao students to the widely known reputation of TUEBA in Lao’s localities.

Dr. Ta Thi Thanh Huyen and MSc. Pham Minh Hoang gave flowers and gifts to Lao students

On behalf of Lao students, Sensoulat Chanthone Laotian expressed sincere thanks to TUEBA’s staff and students for their support and assistance and affirmed that the good relationship, friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos would be tighten further as each Lao student will become an ambassador after graduation.

After the ceremony, Lao students and delegates joined in Nam Vong dance to wish each other health, luck and success. The friendly football match also created an exciting atmosphere with thunderous applause and cheerful smiles.

Amazing Nam Vong Dance

With the students studying abroad, the organization of the Traditional New Year’s activities not only helps the students to celebrate the traditional holiday but motivates them in studying as well.

Below are some photos of the event.

A letter from a K14 student of high quality program on mobility in Bulgaria

Dobrich, February 23, 2019

Hello friends,

Today, on a special day, I want to write a few lines about my living and studying life in the country called “The Land of Roses” – beautiful and poetic Bulgaria.

A month ago, my family took me to Noi Bai International Airport, prepared all the procedures, packed my luggage, and at about 4 pm on the same day my sisters and I in the Vietnam delegation took luggage, proceeded to enter the plane. You may ask what feelings I had at that time. Two words only: Relaxed and calm. It is because after a short period of time to prepare the documents required by Varna University of Management (abbreviated as VUM), arrange the time to participate in the interview, submit documents for immigration procedures; I can feel relaxed and calm after times of anxiety waiting for results: I didn’t know whether my procedures were ok or whether I needed to add anything. How could I get things done by deadline? I was worried about the luggage I prepared; was it enough for the time I was away from home, not just 1 or 2 days, but 1 semester. I was then worried about getting used to the new environment, making new friends…; I am relaxed and calm now because I am here in Bulgaria – The Land of Roses, experiencing international student life at VUM – a school in Europe with many remarkable achievements globally, especially the Erasmus + scholarship program of the European Union.

Talking a little about this scholarship: Erasmus + is a program with a total sum of € 14.7 billion funded by the European Union, for education, youth and sports training. Erasmus + (Erasmus: EuRopean community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Student) includes current programs such as Lifelong Learning Program (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig), Youth in Action and 5 international joint activities programs (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and the activities program with developed countries). Of course, to pursue the scholarship, we need to meet the following requirements: studentship of a partner university; being in second year or later with GPA of 3.0 or more; obtaining International English Proficiency Certificate equivalent to B1 level or above; motivated to participate in the student mobility and consistent with the criteria of the host university, … Besides the standards, student benefits when receiving scholarships are also very attractive: we are granted flight tickets, tuition, living allowance, …

Recalling the time when I learned about the Erasmus + Mobility, it was a miracle when I received the introduction of the program manager. After reading the scholarship information, I quickly registered and arranged time to participate in the interview round. It was an online interview for me and the students from different member schools in the same university with the representative of VUM’s international cooperation department. The interview took place within about an hour. I was impressed by one question: “What makes you want to join this program and what conditions can we choose you as our student?” It clearly showed one of the criteria for this scholarship: Are you a student with a goal, an orientation for yourself, and an effort to strive to achieve your goal? Is your goal consistent with VUM’s criteria?

I’m here now: Varna University of Management, Bulgaria. Our team has 7 people, from 3 large regional universities of the country: Thai Nguyen University, Hanoi National University, Hai Phong University. We got a week to settle down and get used to our accommodation and where we were going to study. We were in the Central Budget Building, Dobrich City – this place was rented by VUM for student dormitory. Fortunately, each country is arranged in a different apartment, and Vietnam is no exception. Everything in every apartment, including bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen is fully equipped, making everyone feel comfortable to study and live during the mobility period. Our university is about a kilometer away from the dormitory. Every day the students walk to school, talking merrily and watching the streets of Dobrich. I have a very special impression with VUM because the soundproofing classroom architecture is very good with full equipment. The teachers are all very excellent, not only about the professional performance but also about their very creative, engaging teaching methods. During class time, we interacted with teachers, did group exercises with friends. Especially, we were not only mobility students but also VUM’s regular students. Being able to interact with many new friends, from different countries, different colors, different cultures, … is a great opportunity to learn and improve myself.

Studying is put the first priority, but we do not forget to participate in social activities and recreation. One of the things I really like while studying at VUM is that the school is affiliated with a travel company and introduces students to many interesting tours, not only in Bulgaria but also many other areas. It is one of the great ways to promote the image of VUM and Bulgaria. Besides studying, at weekends, my Vietnamese friends and I, and even with friends from other countries, organized trips to interact, learn from each other, and enjoy student life together.

The most special and the most important thing I want to share with you is that I feel very lucky because I made the right decision to become a student of high quality undergraduate program (K14) at Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration. In order to fully develop myself, I always cultivate myself 3 things: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes, and when studying in the high quality program of TUEBA, I always have many opportunities to develop myself comprehensively. In our curriculum there is a subject to develop personal skills (effective study skills, self-management skills, teamwork skills, skills for recruitment (writing CV, interviewing), …). We have extracurricular sessions with foreign students, and lessons with foreign teachers from the UK, USA, Australia, the Philippines. We can attend international seminars and conferences as attendees or volunteers. Moreover, we have the opportunity to participate in many great summer camps and scholarship programs. In particular, as I can study and experience life in Bulgaria, I have always been supported by my university’s management board, the program management staff, especially the staff of the International Center for Training and Study Abroad, the Department of Science – Technology and International Cooperation. They were always available to support me in a timely manner, from giving information about the program, making me motivated before I started the interview, promptly supporting me to prepare the necessary documents to submit to the host university as well as for visa procedures, immigration to Bulgaria, to friendly conversations with teachers and staff to learn their advice and experiences of studying and living in a foreign country. More fortunately, my teachers always accompany, support and remind me to keep in touch regularly and update my news.

If I were asked what lessons I received during the time. That should be the lesson about proactiveness: being proactive in talking to the teachers during the process of application, during the course of studying at VUM. If there was any need or difficulty with the university or with the study program, I should proactively contact with VUM. I proactively connected with the older brothers and sisters, as well as the brothers and sisters in the delegation to support each other prior admission and during the mobility period. I am proactively taking care of, managing and training myself, for not being in the country, but coming to another continent, away from family, close friends and teachers for a long time. Instead of being cared and worried like at home, now I need to learn to be proactive and independent of everything: from spending, living, and studying, …

I think there will be difficulties and there will be obstacles, but there are also great opportunities waiting for me ahead. I will continue to learn, continue to improve myself day by day so as not to disappoint my family, teachers, and friends and even my own efforts at least during the first years of university life.

I continue writing new pages for “Story of My life” ….


Nong Thi Minh Thao


I enclosed some of my photos:

My friends
My Class
My pet

TUEBA successfully hosted the academic and cultural exchange program with the College of Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

On September 12, 2017, TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA) successfully hosted the Academic and Cultural Exchange Program with the College of Business, Feng Chia University (Taiwan). The delegation comprised of 14 graduate students of Business Administration, headed by Prof. Wen-Hsiang Lai, Associate Dean. Associate Prof. Dor. Do Anh Tai, Vice Rector of TUEBA, welcomed and held a formal meeting with the Taiwanese delegation. During the meeting, representatives of the two universities explored a number of opportunities for cooperation in international cooperation, academic exchange, students and faculty exchange, scientific research, as well as international papers publishing. Both sides expressed their goodwill to build a long-term cooperation and pledged to develop and implement cooperation programs as soon as possible.

The exchange program included an academic exchange and a cultural exchange. During the academic exchange session, 14 graduate students from the College of Business, Feng Chia University had an opportunity to interact with 50 young lecturers and students from TUEBA on the theme “Business Culture in Vietnam and Taiwan”. The young lecturers of TUEBA brought together lively, visual and anecdotal presentations of Vietnam’s business culture in relation to the Taiwanese business culture, attracting the active participation of all attendees of the program. Especially, the students of both institutions were really enthusiastic and engaged in group discussions and challenge to explore the cultural aspects of the two cultures.

After the academic exchange session, Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, a third-year student from the Department of Banking and Finance, TUEBA said, “We really enjoyed this program. Joining the exchange, I was surprised that our students have great confidence in using English to communicate effectively and exchange academic issues with international students. We look forward to having more opportunities for such exchanges.”

During the cultural exchange session in the afternoon, students from both institutions brought out a friendly and passionate atmosphere through exciting basketball and badminton matches. Some of the Taiwanese students are very glad to actively involve themselves into networking and practice with members of the martial arts clubs and English clubs of TUEBA.


The University of Economics and Business Administration offers opportunities for international students to participate in networking events, academic exchange, community volunteering events, fundraising or scholarship opportunities. Each year, TUEBA will provide a number of full and partial scholarships for international students with excellent academic performance.

Stay tuned here for timely updates.

Student Activities and Support

1. Student clubs

The University of Economics and Business Administration currently organiizes more than a dozen student clubs and teams working in academic fields or interests such as sports, culture, business, start-up, volunteering, recreation and social interests.

Sponsored by the Students’ Union, but run by students themselves, student clubs provide various opportunities to expand relationships, build strong networks, develop a range of skills including communication, teamwork, leadership, coaching, and professional development.

If you are not a member of the existing clubs, you can contribute to the community and develop your career skills by creating your own teams, groups, clubs or participating in leadership experience and volunteering activities our students.

 2. International student support

The university wants to make sure our international students get the most out of their time in Vietnam. At TUEBA, we encourage international students to get involved in our pro-active student life. TUEBA arranges support services for international students prior to departure, upon arrival to Vietnam, during your study, and on completion.

There are fantastic opportunities and activities for international students to make friends with other students from all over the world gathering at TUEBA, support services and dedicated buddies who will stay by your side through thick and thin during your time in Vietnam.

International students can contact these following hotlines and email to get support. We are committed to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (one working day).

TUEBA international student support hotline: +84  2083 647 683

SOS hotline (medical emergency): +84  2083 647 683


Facebook: TUEBA International Students

 2.1. Accommodation for international students

The standard of accommodation in Thai Nguyen City is moderate with a wide range of guesthouses, houses and apartments catering to all budgets, depending on location, lifestyle and individual circumstances.

The Center for Student Consultancy and Support is a good source of reference and support for all new international students.

On campus accommodation is highly recommended for international students and only within 5 minutes to classrooms and other facilities on the campus.

Due to the limited availability, international students are encouraged to submit the application for on campus accommodation together with submission of the Offer Acceptance to study at TUEBA.

2.2. Airport or international gate pick-up service

TUEBA provides a free airport pick-up service for all new international students.

If you’re a new international student, complete the registration for free airport or international gate pick up form to let us know when you will arrive in Thai Nguyen. International Student Support Staff will then:

  • confirm your pre-arranged accommodation with the accommodation service
  • arrange buddies to meet you at the airport or international gate when you arrive
  • give you a welcome pack
  • take you to your accommodation in Thai Nguyen City

You need to complete this form at least five working days before you arrive in Thai Nguyen City. If there are changes to your arrival time within this three day period, resubmit the form, or email us at

2.3. Events and activities for international students

TUEBA regularly organizes diverse and enriching activities for international students throughout each semester to highlight the diversity and dynamic nature of the student community. International students will get a chance to introduce their national costume at their National Day, share stories of their hometown at networking events, or compare their local cuisine in cultural events.

Introducing international students to the wider community in Vietnam is also an important focus at TUEBA with networking events. Studying at TUEBA, international students will also have opportunities to contribute to underprivileged communities with charity trips and fundraising activities.

2.4. Bank Accounts

Each international student shall need to set up a local bank account as soon as possible. A number of international banks have operation in Vietnam such as HSBC, ANZ, and Standard Chartered.

International students can withdraw USD and VND over the counter at banks. VND can also be withdrawn from ATM machines around the town, however, you cannot withdraw USD from ATMs. It is quite common to make payments using VISA debit or credit cards at supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, etc., but cash remains the most common form of payment for goods and services.

It is possible to make international transactions from a local bank account to your account in your home country. Your local bank can provide information on this, including advice on online banking services.

2.5. Transportation

ost Vietnamese people get around on a motorcycle/scooter. A lot of expats in Vietnam choose to get their own bikes. If you choose to do so, you will need to have a helmet and a licence – we can advise on how to go about doing this.

If riding through traffic is not your thing, you may choose to take a taxi or use the cheap local motorbike taxi service (xe ôm). Bus service is also available in Thai Nguyen City.

If you have a driving license from your home country and wish to drive around Thai Nguyen yourself, you can refer to the driving licence exchange procedure on how to exchange your driving license to be used in Vietnam.

2.6. Pre-arrival information for international students

Essential items for travel to Vietnam

It is advisable to have the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Carry-on luggage
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Offer and Offer acceptance form
  • Personal details and Vietnam contact address
  • Key contact name/ phone numbers, address of the hotel in Vietnam, details of the person you will meet on arrival (if any)
  • Vietnamese dong (or you can exchange money at the airport)
  • Driving license (or another identification document).
  • All personal valuables: laptop, camera, phone chargers, etc.


  • Do not put your valuables in the check-in luggage
  • Have photocopies of all your key travel documents in your main luggage.

Checked-in luggage

  • Photocopy of key travel documents
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • All other personal items including any essential electrical goods.

2.7. Insurance for International Students

Appropriate level insurance coverage is essential for your time in Vietnam. While you are studying at TUEBA, medical insurance is compulsory for international students with study visas to ensure you health, safety and well-being during your study.

Suitable medical insurance will be arranged by TUEBA on behalf of the student. The insurance fee (approx. VND xxxxxxxx per semester) will be included in the tuition fee invoice of the semester.

* Note:

Only international students who hold (or have a spouse or parent who hold) a Vietnam work permit, or residency permit, or one of the following visa type: NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, LV1, LV2, ĐT, DN, NN1, NN2, NN3, PV1, PV2 TT LĐ can arrange insurance on their own.

Should you choose to arrange their own medical insurance, you need to submit:

(1) evidence of insurance and;

(2) Insurance waiver form.

to at least 10 days before the semester start.

In case you miss the deadline, you have to bear the insurance fee arranged by TUEBA together with your tuition fee invoice.

The semester start time will be informed to the students at least 30 days in advance.

International students can also contact international insurance support services through its 24 hours hotline at +84xxxxxxxxxx