Oppotunities to study in a leading German Enterprise


WIHA is one of the leading German manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in trade and industry, located in Schonach im Schwarzwald, Germany.

In capacity of the WIHA Group’s parent company, WIHA WERKZEUGE GMBH GERMANY has currently managed the group’s factories located in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Vietnam. Social responsibility is one of the most interests of WIHA , hence,  this is the reason why it has cooperated with many German universities to organize lots of activities such as job fairs, projects, writing thesis, courses for research and training for students. On behalf of WIHA group, WIHA Vietnam wishes to develop the same activities with local universities in Vietnam, including Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration.

The  Memorandum of Agreement among three parties: Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration, WIHA WERKZEUGE GMBH GERMANY and WIHA VIETNAM  marked the milestone on the pathway of development this collaboration.

Within the framework of this MOA, WIHA Werkzeuge GmbH will sponsor for one TUEBA student to study at a German University for 1 semester and do internship in 6 months at the headquarters of the company in Germany. Each year, a scholarship valued €5,000 will be offered for the best candidate. WIHA Vietnam will sponsor a scholarship for candidates who have studied at least three semesters or who are studying Master’s degree in TUEBA. Maximum five scholarships valued €1,000/ scholarship will be given to candidates. The potential candidates who can speak excellent English who are chosen by the company will have opportunities to do internship at the company and write a thesis based on predefined project topics from WIHA VIETNAM.

The MOA has brought a great opportunity for TUEBA’s students to study and do internship at one of the most famous German enterprises. This is also a significant highlight in the development of cooperation programs between TUEBA and enterprises.


MOTIVE is the abbreviation of a project named “Monitoring Trends in Vietnamese graduates’ Employment”. The project aims to 4 specific objectives, including: (1) to strengthen the capacity for the Vietnamese to release graduate surveys; (2) to build-up the capacity for the Vietnamese in exploiting the data of graduates for the adoption of quality assurance measures; (3) to increase cooperation between Vietnamese universities and MOET on graduate tracking; (4) to reinforce the connection between partner institutions and society on graduate tracking.

Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration (TUEBA) is a center for training high quality human resource in the Northern mountainous region, Viet Nam. In addition to training activities, TUEBA has been implementing many high applicable research projects in collaboration with many Vietnamese institutions and international partners.  TUEBA is one of the members of Thai Nguyen University which currently has participated in the MOTIVE project. In the context of this project, an online training took place on 25th April, 2020 hosted by Hanoi University. The online training witnessed the enthusiasm joining of researchers and IT staffs coming from Thai Nguyen University such as Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, Thai Nguyen University of Agricultural and Forestry, School of Foreign Language. There are 4 issues that the program focused on. Firstly, the introduction of  VOYAGE, process to handle works, steps in projects. Secondly, roles of student, admin, company in the project. Thirdly, questionnaire and information fields of the project. Finally, notes about personnel, operation and finance management. At the end of the programs, attendants had opportunities to share their opinions though part for questions and answers. These following images are about the program:

Introduction of how to register an account on the Voyage system.


Introduction of how to answer the survey questionnaire on the Voyage system

This event is considered as one of the steps in the process of development of the project. After this event, TUEBA plans to build a communication plan about the project’s data system of VOYAGE for student, introduction of how to register an account on the system and guide them to answer survey questionnaires.


A celebration of  the 44th National Day of Lao PDR


To celebrate the 44th National Day of Laos (December 2, 1975 – December 2, 2019). TUEBA held an event for Laotian student who are studying at the University. On behalf of TUEBA, there are Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Quyet – Head of Department of Science – Technology and International Cooperation; Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang – Deputy Secretary of TUEBA’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, lectures and Laotian students.

It is TUEBA’s honor to train the human resources for Laos and this contributes effectively to the cooperation in  nurturing the solidarity, among Vietnam – Laos. Since 2013, the University has taught Vietnamese for  300 Laotian students in the copperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Laotian localitities.

The total number of Laotian students studying programs in all level  at TUEBA  is 71, including 01 student doing PhD, 04 gradutates, 66  undergraduates. In the near future, we plan to train more Laotian students. We believe that the relationship between the TUEBA and our partners in Laos will be continuously developing.

In order to support Laotian students to live and study in TUEBA, we conducts many activities such as provide scholarships, ceremonies in holidays, programs for health care…

Due to many similarities in culture, lifestyles and traditional characteristic between two nations, Laotian students and Vietnamese students quickly integrate into the academic environment in TUEBA. Laotian students has made great efforts to overcome difficulties and achieve high academic results.

We wish the friendship between the two countries will last forever



No. Partners
1 University of Thomas More, Belgium
2 Hohenheim University, Germany
3 German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Germany
4 GIZ, Germany
5 POSCO TJ Park Foundation, Korea
6 Muhamuadiyah Yozakarta University, Indonesia
7 INSA-ETEA, Spain
8 IFAD, Italy
9 CIRAD, France
10 Sogang University, Korea
11 Deagu University, Korea
12 Deagu Cyber, University, Korea
13 Ajou University, Korea
14 Groningen University, Holland
15 Kyung-In Women’s University, Korea
16 Wisconsin Madison University, USA
17 California State University San Bernardino, USA
18 AUT University, NewZealand
19 Los Banos University, Philippines
20 Central Philippine University, Philippines
21 Southern Luzon State University, Philippines
22 Baguio Philippine University, Philippines
23 Angeles University Foundation, Philippines
24 Feng Chia University, Taiwan
25 Putra Malaysia University, Malaysia
26 Yunnan Normal University, China
27 Guang Xi University, China
28 Guilin University of Technology (GUT), China
29 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
30 Beihang University, China
31 Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
32 Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China
33 Guang Xi University of Science and Technology, China
34 Guilin University of Aerospace Technology, China
35 Yunnan mechanical and electrical Career Technical College, China
36 Hezhou University China
37 Guizhou University, China
38 Honghe University, China
39 South west University, China
40 The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
41 Korea Institute for International Economics Policy (KIEP)
42 Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)
43 Fulbright Scholarship program, USA
44 Asian Network for Higher Education (ANHE), Korea
45 Durajt Pundit University, Thailand
46 Korea Foundation, Korea
47 Ford Foundation, USA
48 Department of Education and Sports, Luang Prabang province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
49 Department of Education and Sports, Oudomxay province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
50 Department of Education and Sports, Bokeo province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
51  Department of Education and Sports, Phongsaly province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic



The University of Economics and Business Administration – Thai Nguyen University (TUEBA) believes that international cooperation is an urgent requirement and a tool to support training and scientific research.

For the past few years, TUEBA has developed international collaboration  with reputable international organizations, corporations, businesses and universities in various fields, as follows: (1) Scientific research and technology transfer with IRRI – Philippines, Hohenheim University – Germany, University of Groningen – Netherlands; (2) International undergraduate and graduate  programs with Sunderland University – UK, Deagu University & Deagu Cyber ​​University – South Korea, Central Philippine University – Philippines; (3) Organizing international scientific seminars with Sogang University – South Korea, Fullbright Program – USA; (4) Staff, lecturers and students exchange program with Thomas More University – Belgium; (5) Teaching foreign languages ​​to staff, lecturers and students at TUEBA with ELI – USA; and (6) Upgrading TUEBA’s facilities with ANHE – Korea.

Through International Cooperation activities, TUEBA has also developed scholarship opportunities for staff, lecturers and students; disseminated delegations of staff, lecturers and students abroad to attend classes, exchange knowledge, attend conferences, seminars worldwide; and, hosted conferences/workshops for delegates from all over the world.

It is the strong aspiration of TUEBA to continue the cooperation relationships with international partners in training and scientific research to develop further the professional and foreign language qualification of the teaching staff and the management groups, to revitalize the content of the curriculum and teaching methodologies, to strengthen international exchanges for staff and students of the University, to expand TUEBA’s facilities, and to intensify the University’s revenue.

It is believed that the international cooperation plays an important role in developing TUEBA’s brand name, bringing feasible achievements, and enhancing the prestige of the University in the hearts of international friends and partners as TUEBA soars high towards success.