Lunar New Year 2021 is an unforgettable memory of many foreign students studying at the Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business and Administration. This year, 32 Laos students and 01 Nigerian students stayed in Viet Nam on this important occasion due to the serious pandemic.

     To help students having a safe holiday, The administrative Board of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration arrange staffs of the Dormitory  Management Department and Clinics to support them. Besides, the representatives of Thai Nguyen University visited TUEBA to give presents and encourage foreign students. Some faculties having foreign students also organized meetings, giving presents, and even bring them to lecturer’s home to explore the tradition of Viet Nam.

On behalf of TUEA, Assoc. Prof. Tran Nhuan Kien receives presents from representatives of Thai Nguyen University.

Laos students received gifts from the Vice-Rector.

The leaders of the Economics Faculty gave presents for students.

The leaders of the Banking & Finance Faculty visited students at the dormitory and gave them presents.

Foreign students received presents from lecturers of the Banking & Finance Faculty

The leaders of the Law Management Faculty gave presents for students.

Lecturers and students of the Law Management Faculty  together took photographs

Although TET is a special holiday for Vietnamese people, foreign students always feel the warm emotion of TUEBA lecturers when they had to be far away from their families due to the pandemic. These activities are simple but they are significant and express the interest of lecturers for their students.




The English club program has been carried out since December 2020 basing on the cooperation between Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration – Thai Nguyen University and the Department of Education and Training of Xin Man District – Ha Giang Province. After 5 months, the program is a useful and practical playground to help students to promote creativity, improve self-study and develop skills.

On January 23, 2021, Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training Xin Man district – Ha Giang province has successfully summarized and evaluate the effectiveness of the program,

The event witnessed the appearance of Mr. Hoang Nhi Son – Member of the Party Committee of Ha Giang Province, Secretary of the District Party Committee; Mr. Pham Duy Hien – Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee, Chairman of District People’s Committee; Mr. Hang Khay Van – Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the District People’s Council and the standing comrades of the District Party Committee, Standing Committee of the People’s Committee, Standing Committee of the People’s Council and leaders representing departments in Xin Man district Ha Giang. From the University of Economics and Business Administration, there were Assoc. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the School Council; Assoc. Prof.Dr. Tran Quang Huy – Rector of the University, staffs of the Center for Foreign Languages ​​- Informatics, and lecturers of Foreign Languages.

At the meeting, the leaders of Xin Man district highly appreciated the effectiveness of the English club program and directed to continue promoting using English in schools.

At the event, the English contest took place between 03 clubs: the English Club of Coc Pai Primary School, the English Club of Lien Viet Secondary School, and the English Club of the Xin Man Secondary School. With three sections: Introductions, the Linguistic, Cultural and Social Knowledge exam, and the Hot Seat, English clubs expressed their boldness, bravery, confidence, creativity, and skills in using foreign languages ​​in each test section. The applause and enthusiastic cheers of the audience indicated the attraction of the English program to the students here.

At the event, the Australian teacher: Bernard J. Denner with extensive experience in language teaching and English and teaching methods shared effective English learning methods and praised all participants for their creativity, confidence, and English skill.  In addition, the game section for the audience has brought funny moments for all participants. At the end of the program to summarize activities of English Clubs in Xin Man district, Ha Giang province in 2020, the Organizing Committee awarded prizes to all teams:

– The Shining Prize belonged to the English Club of the Xin Man High School

– The Impressive prize belonged to the English club of the LienViet Secondary School.

– The Style prize belonged to the English Club of Coc Pai Primary School.

Program “Warm winter in the borderland’ and Giving coat for people in Xin Man District, Ha Giang province.

On the 23, January 2002, The Federation, The Youth union of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration attend the “ Warm winter in the borderland” program and giving presents of “ warm winter coat” at Xin Man Districts, Ha Giang province. The event witnessed the appearance of Assoc.Prof. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of Party committee, Chairman of University council; Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Huy – Rector, Dr.Tran Luong Duc – Chairman of Labor federal; Dr. Pham Minh Hoang – Secretary of Youth Union and other lecturers.

To express the admiration with them, the charity team from TUEBA, Thai Nguyen University of technology, and AI Institution (Ha Noi) gave 850 winter uniforms for them.

Besides, the charity team attended “Warn winter in the Borderland” at Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province, and visit border posts and border landmarks. They visited, gave presents and 10 million dong in cash to poverty families, victims of dioxin, and poor students.

The total estimated amount is about 12 million dong. Charity activity has become annual activities of TUEBA in order to share difficulties with vulnerable people and encourage them in life. This activity is more and more significant before the Lunar New year.

The 3rd sport Thai Nguyen tournament to celebrate the friendship between 2 nations Viet Nam – Lao

On 21st November 2020, the third sport tournament of Thai Nguyen Province was launched with the participation of more than 10 institutions and 200 athletes who are Laos Students studying in Thai Nguyen Province. It is organized twice a year in order to create opportunities for students and young people of two nations to exchange culture and enhance the friendship between Viet Nam – Lao.

The team of Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business participated in two games: volleyball and badminton with the following contents: Women’s volleyball; Badminton participates in the following events: men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and men’s doubles. Thanks to the support from the leader of two universities; the team has achieved high achievement.

Assoc. Prof Tran Nhuan Kien took a photo with TUEBA’s team.

TUEBA won the championship of women’s double badminton.

TUEBA won the third prize of men’s doubles.

TUEBA won the fourth prize of women’s and men’s

TUEBA won the second prize of the volleyball competition.


In order to support students who are in difficult conditions, but have good achievements as well as encourage them in studying, TUEBA annually gives scholarships for them since 2012- 2013. The scholarship fund is sponsored by enterprises and individuals from inside and outside of Thai Nguyen province. The total value of scholarships provided each year comes up to tens of million dong.

This is a motivation to encourage students to persuade their dreams, passions in the academic environment of the university.

In the school year 2020 – 2021, TUEBA commends and gives scholarships for 7 valedictorians of 7 faculties, 41 “direct entry” students and 30 students who are in difficult circumstances. The total value of all scholarships is 114 million dong. This support will help them to be brave to overcome challenges in their lives to have higher studying achievements.

Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Huy – Rector said that the target of the “Scholarships Fund” is to provide finance to support students in studying and enhance their knowledge, skills. He also congratulated all fresh students for receiving scholarships and wish them to have good studying achievements and gain scholarships in the next academic year.

Lo A Su – a valedictorian of the Faculty of Economics who is an orphan and living in the S.O.S village in Viet tri – Phu Tho , shared his thoughts and gives thanks to the Board of Administrator, all teachers for providing him opportunities and gives him scholarships. These scholarships are reminders for him and other students to try their best in studying.

This activity indicates that TUEBA commits to accompany with all students not only in studying but also in other aspects of their lives, assure the best conditions for them during the period of time they live and study in TUEBA.


In 4th. November, 2020, more than 1300 fresh students of TUEBA attended a flash mod dance in the Youth Square. It is one of a range of activities organized by The Youth Union and Student Association to welcome junior students to enroll in TUEBA before beginning a new school year. The target of the event is to call funds for people in the Central region of Vietnam who are facing with serious negative effects after huge storms and floods.

The event witnessed the participation of Assoc. Prof. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of TUEBA Party Committee, Chairman of University Council, Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Huy – Rector, Assoc.Prof. Tran Nhuan Kien – Vice Rector, Dr. Tran  Luong Duc – Chairman of the Labor Union, leaders of Departments, Faculties, and the Youth Union and Student Association. It this occasion, TUEBA students had an opportunity to express their spirit to create a dynamic atmosphere that has never seen before. That they together shouted the slogan “TUEBA students welcome a new school year” showed their power as well as their determination to get the achievement in a new school year.

The success of this event was the result of a range of preparation for many days. This is an evidence of the solidarity of both lecturers and students in TUEBA.


In the morning of November 5th, 2020, the TNU of Economics and Business Administration solemnly organized the opening ceremony of the school year 2020-2021  to welcome 1303 fresh students. The ceremony witnessed the appearance of Assoc. Prof. Tran Viet Khanh – Deputy Secretary of Party Committee,  Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen University; Assoc.Prof. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the University Council; Assoc.Prof.  Tran Quang Huy – Rector of TUEBA;  Administrators,  representatives of enterprises,  and lecturers and staffs of TUEBA.

After hearing the letter of the General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong, Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Huy said: “The school year 2019 – 2020 has ended with a lot of changes due to the Covid-19 epidemic, however, TUEBA has completed all the objectives of the school year and ranked in the top 3 universities which successfully completed all tasks in three sequential years. TUEBA always gives priority to the quality of training and constant innovation, also updates training programs and teaching methods, promotes investment in facilities, dormitory, and equipment serving training, scientific research and improves learning and working conditions for staff, students, and students. TUEBA strictly implements policies in order to improve service quality; actively create scholarship funds to support students, regularly collaborates with businesses to consult and provide job opportunities for senior students.  The results of recent surveys show that the majority of TUEBA students are employed within 1 year after graduation (96.9%). ”

After the speech of Assoc. Prof. Tran Quang Huy, Assoc.Prof. Pham Viet Khanh – Deputy  Presidents of Thai Nguyen University also gave a presentation to recognize the achievement of TUEBA. He recommended all lecturers and students in TUEBA to give priority to 4 basic tasks and expressed his belief in the success in the future of TUEBA.

In addition, Assoc. Prof. Hoang Thi Thu – Dean of Banking and Finance Faculty, on behalf of lecturers and staffs encouraged all students, especially fresh students to overcome themselves to integrate into the academic environment and achieve all successes. Ms. Do Thuy Dung – a student of the Banking and Finance Faculty represented all junior students to express their commitment to studying to meet the expectation of lecturers.



In this special event, TUEBA also rewarded scholarships for 7 valedictorians. In 2020, about 71 scholarships were also provided for students with the total value being at 114 million dong. This support helped students be promoted to overcome difficulties and persuade their studying passion.






On the basis of the invitation from the Department of Education of Yunnan Province (China), TUEBA attended the online opening session “Online Forum on Educational Cooperation in the Southern and Southeast Asia 2020” which was organized in the morning of October 20th, 2020.

The held by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province each year, which is a place for representatives from Governments, Universities and educational Institutions in the Southern and Southeast Asia to meet and sharing their views. This year, its theme is: Together support other organizations. It will focus on exploring the best practical and theoretical cooperation models, especially in the context of the world are against the COVID-19 pandemic. One opening session and 10 parallels will be held for 3 days from October 20th to October 23th.

This year, TUEBA contributed to the forum a speech of Assoc. Prof Do Anh Tai – Secretary  of Party Commitee, Chairman of the University Council about the topic: “Education cooperation in COVID – 19: Opportunities and challenges”.

In the opening session of the Forum,  Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Quyet – Head of Department of Science – Technology and International Cooperation, Dr. Bui Nhu Hien – Deputy Director of Chinese Language Center, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Vu – Deputy Director of the International Training Institute was present at meeting room A to participate in the Forum.


The dormitory of TUEBA is located in the campus of Thai Nguyen University. With the modern facilities, the dormitory includes 4 building blocks with the capacity of 1.240 students. The total area of each room is 30 m2.  Each self-contained room includes a living room, toilet and bathroom which are renovated annually to meet the demand of students.

The dormitory is located in Quyet Thang Commune, Thai Nguyen city. With the interests and supports of TUEBA’s leaders, the dormitory provides 1.240 accommodations for students to be assured to study in TUEBA. Other extra facilities such as health care services, football yards, and internet services are also provided with no free charge. The rental fee for each room with the capacities of 8 students per room is about 1.200.000 – 1.300.000 VND/ month/room. It is considered as a reasonable cost in comparison with other accommodations provided by private others. Recently, the dormitory has equipped lots of new facilities such as sanitation system, lights, conditioner air, and fans, etc…This shows the interests of TUEBA’s leader, which aiming to provide the most comfortable and modern studying environment.

In particular, a camera system is set up to monitor the opening hour as well as closing hours and all activities of the dormitory. Besides, the dormitory also provides self – study rooms for students to learn actively.

The managing board of the dormitory often held activities to increase the solidarity among students such as sport events, cultural exchange programs…

Here is some information for students who care about staying in the dormitory:

Address: Quyet Thang Commune, Thai Nguyen city.

Email: 102k9dhkt@gmail.com

Tel: 02803.841.165

Managing board:

Mr. Dang Tat Thang, Deputy Head of Students Affairs: 0912.125.259

Mr. Ninh Duy Lang, Head of Department of Managing Dormitory: 0914.273.989


Today, July 6, 2020, Thai Nguyen University of Economics & Business Administration cooperates with College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2 (CMARD2), Vietnam Cooperative Enterprise Development Project (VCED) and The Thai Nguyen Cooperative Union to organize the opening of the training class ” The young do start up with cooperative Model” at the large Hall, Dong Duong Hotel, Thai Nguyen City.
All activities of the training class will happen in 2 days, from 6th to 7th July 2020 with the target is to enhance the capacity, qualifications and creative ideas for young intellectuals who glue with the development of agricultural cooperatives.
The training class is organized in the framework of Vietnam Cooperative Enterprise Development Project (VCED) which is managed by the Société de Coopération pour Le Développment International (SOCODEVI). The project will help develop a national strategy to scale up and replicate the success of high-performance cooperatives. It will assist cooperatives to create and implement business plans, while developing financing mechanisms to enable them to acquire new technology for the processing and marketing of agricultural products. It will deliver training programs on governance and gender equality, environmentally sustainable agricultural production techniques, such as safe application of fertilizer and pesticides, and post-harvest handling in order to meet quality certification standards and access new markets. SOCODEVI is an organization with a long-term cooperation with the University of Economics and Business Administration.
Thanks for Department of Science – Technology & International Cooperation (tueba) with the role as a connecting bridge, SOCODEVI and TUEBA jointed hands to organized many meaningful seminars and workshop relating to the topic of cooperative development.
On behalf of TUEBA, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Do Anh Tai – Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector gives the opening speech.

Assoc.Prof. Do Anh Tai gives an opening speech.

On the side of College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2, there is Doctor Vo Thi Kim Sa – Vice Rector of College of Management for Agriculture and Rural Development 2; Director of VCED

Dr. Vo Thi Kim Sa  gives an opening speech

In addition, the event witnesses the participation of MSc. Gaby Breton – co-director of the VCED, Mr. Nguyen Van Dung – Chairman of Thai Nguyen Cooperatives Union and more than 40 people who are youngers with strong advanced spirit and new innovative start-up ideas..

MS.c Gaby Breton – co-director of the VCED speaks at the opening ceremony

During the class, all participants will have opportunities to access new innovative agricultural methods in production and value chain approaches to develop a strategic position for cooperatives in the price chain.